The Classic Contemporary

Looking for a pocket friendly yet high class looking kitchen design? Look no further, we have just what you’re looking for! The classic contemporary kitchen design is a simple yet chic design that is apt for a home that does not have much of kitchen space. This kitchen allows you to combine your dining area with the kitchen area. The Classic Contemporary gives you a vintage yet homely feel to your home.

The fact that you can combine your dining area to the kitchen makes this a social kitchen. It is also free flowing so there is not much traffic involved while preparing a meal as there is plenty of floor space. The Classic Contemporary kitchen is a linear kitchen design which means it uses only one side of the wall, and for those of ya’ll who think that this means less storage space, think again! Because this simple yet effective kitchen comes with five-piece laminate shutters scaling along the entire wall. These wall units have both tower units and flap ups. The tower units allow you to use it as a pantry due to the massive storage space and the flap ups which open upwards towards the ceiling, can be used for storing your vessels, containers and the like. The laminate of the shutters is complimented by beautiful zinc alloy nickel plated handles, giving it a very vintage feel.  The kitchen also has open shelves with the same laminate finish with a bonus of spotlights placed in them to illuminate any trinket or artifact you place in them. The kitchen also comes with pull out laminate drawers that you can use for storage of everyday vessels like plates and spoons you may use.

As space is a constraint, it’s an absolute must to use inbuilt appliances to make the best use of the space available. The quartz countertop has the sink and the three-burner steel hob which leaves ample space for everything else to be placed on the countertop while preparing a meal. Whereas the oven and the microwave are integrated alongside the laminate shutters making it one with the entire kitchen thereby avoiding use of extra floor space or taking up any of the limited countertop space. Inbuilt appliances are considered a necessity in today’s homes as it is more convenient and aesthetically appealing to anyone who walks into your home.  It creates a sleek and minimalist design blending functionality and contemporary vibe. Built in kitchen appliances are versatile and considered a necessity in any modern kitchen design style. Built-in ovens and microwaves can be positioned higher in the wall, making it easier to access and check on your food. A built-in kitchen’s seamless design minimizes nooks and crannies where dirt and dust can build up, making for an easier to clean and more hygienic cooking environment.

The dado of the kitchen if you notice uses artistic tiles that completes the look of the laminate finish. This kitchen design allows you to use your imagination and add splashes of colour to prevent the kitchen from a sense of monotony. This can be done by adding colorful artifacts or small kitchen utensils. So, feel free to come on over to our showroom to step back in time and get a feel of a rustic kitchen to add to your home!