The Anti-Ageing Kitchen

We have anti-aging creams, so why not kitchens? Just as much we like to hold on to our beauty and looks, our kitchens also have the same need, but instead of a cream we can use finishes that aid our kitchen to look forever young and timeless! The anti-aging kitchens as the name suggests, is a modular kitchen series that does not mellow down!

The anti-aging kitchen design is perfect for those of you who have a space constraint. This kitchen design is a linear one meaning the kitchen is built into one linear wall. This allows the owner to perform all tasks in a single workspace. A linear kitchen allows the resident to prepare, cook and clean-up in a single space, which is very convenient.

This simple yet extravagant looking kitchen will have all your friends green with jealousy! It has a nanotechnology finish, in hues of blue and white. For those of you who are new to this term with regards to shutters, here’s what it means! Nanotechnology is a revolutionary new surface in our showroom, it’s not paint, it’s a Nano technology based surface that is “self-healing” to help increase the life expectancy of the cabinet finishes. Cabinets are used daily, and typically we want them to last for a very long time. So, for those of you who fret about the wear and tear of your cabinets, this is an ideal finish for you to consider. The nanotechnology shutters are scratch less and allow self-healing on the application of heat, making them last a life time!

The tower units in the kitchen provide plenty of storage space, making them a very important part of the kitchen design. The open shelves in the anti-aging kitchen are made of plain laminate. The dado comes in a lighter shade to the plain laminate shelves there by accentuating the wall units. The open shelves have spotlights illuminating any decorative item you would place on the shelves to add a splash of colour to the kitchen.

The specialty of this kitchen is the sliding breakfast counter, also made of plain laminate. This is a pull out that can be pushed back in to the countertop when not in use, saving space and adding a very contemporary feel to the kitchen as a whole. On the kitchen countertop along the dado we can see the use of mid-way accessory. These can be used to hang different utensils or place your hand towel or paper towels.

The countertop comes with an inbuilt burner hob that is very convenient and prevents the kitchen surface from looking cluttered. In-built appliances are considered mandatory for modular kitchens these days as they make life more comfortable and easier. They are hassle free and easy to maintain! The kitchen also comes with an inbuilt oven and microwave. Built-in ovens and microwaves can be positioned higher in the wall, making it easier to access and check on your food. A built-in kitchen’s seamless design minimizes nooks and crannies where dirt and dust can build up, making for an easier to clean and more hygienic cooking environment.

So, we hope we have made you curious enough to come and take a look at this magnificent kitchen in real life! If so, come over to the Würfel Küche showroom and have your mind blown!