The 7 Star Kitchen

Having guests over? They are bound to go green with jealousy when they lay their eyes on this masterpiece! This kitchen will make you the talk of the town! Imagine all the aunties and uncles gushing over this work of art! They are sure to be flabbergasted!

The 7-star kitchen as the name suggests, is the highest classification of kitchen you can find! The 7-star kitchen redefines the meaning of luxury, with its extravagant sense of style. This kitchen comes in an L-shaped design with an island and is an amalgamation of art and elegance.

The 7-star kitchen is crafted with immense expertise and has an island that will leave you spell bound! This kitchen is a hit with all generations, considering it is a free-flowing kitchen, it can be really beneficial when entertaining guests because it can accommodate a lot of people still be left with a lot of space providing a stress free cooking experience. The island allows guests their own personal room, have a glass of wine, sit by your side and catch you up on the latest bit of gossip while you’re preparing a meal.

The 7-star kitchen has spot lights in the open shelves allowing people to focus on the little trinkets or decorative items you may exhibit on the shelves. These shelves have a veneer finish adding a very edgy look to the whole kitchen. There is a fusion of sliding shutters along with these open shelves which adds to the overall posh look of the cabinets.

This kitchen has a poly lacquer finish with tall tower units. The poly lacquer provides a smooth and glossy finish while remaining durable on the shutters. The finish is a very important constituent to the chic appearance of the kitchen. The tower units provide handy storage and timeless style, making them a very vital part of the kitchen design. Suitable for small and large kitchens alike, you can integrate them in a way that suits your layout and your lifestyle.

Another unique element in the 7-star kitchen are the flying cabinets. What are flying cabinets you ask? They are basically, wall hung cabinets you see at the base of the kitchen counter that have no legs. They give it a sleek and contemporary look to your kitchen design.

The appliances in this kitchen design are all inbuilt, they include the oven, the microwave and the hob. Built-in appliances give a sleek and sophisticated look to your kitchen. Incorporating built in appliances to your kitchen keeps the uniformity of a fitted kitchen as they are hidden, either completely or partially, inside units or cupboards. The built-in glass induction hob which includes electronic touch controls on the islands counter top gives a polished touch to the kitchen. Inbuilt hobs are being considered a must have in modular kitchens these days. With a built-in microwave and oven, you’ll always have a lot of counter space as well as a luxurious look. Another benefit of built-in microwave and ovens is that they are at your eye level, therefore no bending down is required to reach into them. When thinking about whether a built-in microwave is worth paying more for, you should weigh how much you value adding convenience, quality, sophistication and comfort to your kitchen. A built-in microwave and oven means better performance and durability.

The 7-star kitchen is basically a kitchen that stands a class apart from the others, giving your home an aristocratic look. Come over to the Würfel Küche Store to experience a taste of royalty this kitchen can bring to your home!