Having a kitchen garden can be an overwhelming experience at times. It is both healthy and rewarding, plus, you get to grow your own food organically. These gardens ensure inexpensive, low maintenance, and easy to handle organic and fresh produce assuring you, that whatever you’re eating is healthy. You can grow your everyday herbs, vegetables, and fruits and these gardens are super handy and work well during emergencies.  

So, if you are a green enthusiast and plan to set up your own kitchen garden, here are five best indoor garden ideas you can start with. 

1. Calming Mints 

Mints are best to start with. One of the most refreshing and soothing herbs, mint is an everyday herb used in various household activities. Mint leaves have antibacterial properties that can relieve you from many digestion related issues. The planting procedure is very simple.  You can either use mint seeds or cut a sprig from an existing mint leave and sow it in a pot. Make sure that the soil is damp and you provide enough sunlight and water. 

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2. Holy Basil 

Holy Basil AKA Tulsi also known as the ‘the queen of the herbs’ is considered to be one of the best medicinal herbs of India. It is rich in nutrition, calcium and has a high amount of vitamin A and C. It is refreshing, spicy and is acclaimed for its healing properties of mind, body and, spirit. It is one of the best indoor plants and can be seen in almost every Indian house. You can sow it in a container or a pot with a mixture of soil and organic compost. Make sure to water it every day during summers and you can water it twice or thrice a week during winters. 

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3. Aloe Vera

This is one of the best plants for home. Aloe vera has extensive beauty plus health benefits. It’s antiviral and antibacterial properties help you treat everything from constipation to diabetes. It is also said that aloe vera provides nutrition to human skin making it a miracle herb that is used to treat wounds, minor cuts, and burns. It helps in the deep conditioning of your hair adding more elasticity and preventing damage. Take an aloe vera leaf and place it on the soil. Don’t overwater, this might cause your roots to rot. They tend to grow their best when given lots of light. 

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4. The three C’s of cooking- Coriander, Curry leaves, and Chillies 

The super pacts of any kitchen, these three kitchen ingredients rule every Indian recipe. Curry leaves and coriander are the powerhouses of nutrition are an indispensable part of cooking. And we know how smoky chilies add magic to any bland or unflavored appetite. By planting these ingredients you won’t only save yourself a few pennies but you will also be assured that you’re eating healthy. Sow 10-12 split coriander seeds, sow them half an inch into the soil and water it regularly. Curry leaves grow best in a container or deep trays with sufficient holes pierced for excess water to drain out. Make sure that the container is filled with rich soil and keep changing the container as the plant grows. And chillies prefer to grow in humid and warm condition. Ensure to grow them in a plastic container with adequate holes and water them regularly. 

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5. Lemons 

Lemons are life! This citric fruit is packed with Vitamin C and has myriad nutritional benefits. Lemons promote hydration, helps in weight loss, aids digestion and works wonder for the skin. This citrus fruit preps well with both savory and sweet dishes. Go for a clay pot and plant several lemon seeds about a half-inch deep into the moist soil. The citrus family loves the sun, so ensure it gets sufficient light and water them normally, do not overwater it. 

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Here’s what some of our homeowners have asked us 

Can I build a kitchen garden on my balcony? 

Yes, gardens can be built on a balcony and it gives an amazing look to your house. Use clay pots, plastic containers or any box that offers good drainage. When planting in a container, ensure that you use synthetic soil because they work best with the potted plants. You can grow any plant you wish. 

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How can I keep my plants alive? 

The correct amount of water and light is the most important factor in keeping your plants alive. You can use different hacks like coffee filters that keep the soil in place and drains the excess water or prune your plants as required. Trimming the ends can help you cut all the dry and dead part leaving behind the fresh and active ones. 

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How do I stop insects from eating my vegetables? 

To save your plants from insects you need to use a safe insecticide intended to stop or kill them. Ensure to follow the proper guidelines and use the recommended one for specific vegetables and fruits.  

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How often do I water my plants? 

The most frequently asked question. You water your plants when they need it. Stick a finger in the soil and check for its dryness. If it seems too dry, its time to moist your plants. But make sure you water them enough regularly. Every plant is different and so is its maintenance, so you need to schedule water timings for every plant. Try to group your plants together and then water them efficiently. 

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How can I make compost at home? 

Organic compost is the most harmless and effective compost. You can create home compost from some basic kitchen waste like vegetable and fruit scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds and filters, manure, dry leaves, straws, shredded newspaper, etc. Combine your materials, water and then stir your pile and then feed your garden. 

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Are you planning to set up a garden kitchen? Which one is your favorite plant? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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