Most of the homeowners are confused on how to separate the dining and living area. It becomes a priority for most homeowners to separate zones for general entertainment and the dining area. Homeowners can have partitions installed to separate these zones by different styles or materials as per the space availability and design. Homeowners can choose from a wide range of designs for partitions.


For larger rooms, we can try having multiple small size mats. Having floor mats is one of the easy ways to separate the spaces. L shape sofas can also be used to create a partition between the living and dining area. Placing a rug under the dining table also helps in separating the dining and living. Two different styles of furniture can create a separation between the zones or you can also separate the zones by placing a modern sofa and a vintage style dining tables. Building a half wall can be more functional offering privacy to the dining area.


A display unit over the half to display artifacts can provide privacy to your dining area. You can also consider a temporary or removable partition between the zones. You can also raise the floor by few inches which can give a different look for the entire room, using wood which can provide a luxurious look.



Lights is one of the way to add different tones to spaces in a room. Chandeliers can be highlighted in your dining area to provide an elegant look to your dining and spot lights in your living area. Using a pillar and change of ceiling height will play a major role in underlining the distribution of areas. Having a smaller round or long tables will help the rooms look larger, the ambience looks lighter with less number of items in a room.


For smaller rooms, painting the wall with lighter colors (cream/ white) and adding furnishing of a similar shade while placing mirrors opposite to the windows for natural daylight will make the room seem bright and big. Like smaller restaurants use mirrors creating an illusion of bigger space, the same trick can be used in your home but you need to be aware of the placement.


Separating the living and kitchen using an island can a create a separation between the rooms and can function as dining area. Furniture distribution can act as a barrier where extra seating can be added to define the space.


Try to plan the areas strategically while creating two different zones in the same room. The largest furniture in the living room is your sofa which can be placed in a way that it splits the room in half. You can also place a table against the back of your sofa with items like basket or a lamp.



Rugs can add a different zone to your area, creating a walkaway between two rooms. Using large pieces of art like painting or show pieces help to separate the space in the room. The art should never be bigger than the sofa.


You can place the sofa against the wall with bookshelves on top while the bulky items can make your floor look smaller. Window treatment like adding of drapes can give a bulky look for smaller living rooms, however you also need to consider the height of the ceiling.


You can also take advantage of storage sofas which can be helpful to store items. It’s also great to get creative and express yourself in a place where you’ll enjoy for years. No matter how small your room space is, you will always make it feel like home.


Wooden panels have been playing an integral part of Indian homes for quite some time now, they still play an integral role, it’s just that their functionality has changed. The most affordable ways to divide the living room and dining is by PVC dividers with the right design. A see-through display unit also acts as a divider where you can showcase exotic artifacts.

Let us know in the comment section below the methods you have used to divide your dining and living area.


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