No Indian kitchens are complete without a spice rack! Spices are one of the main ingredients in all Indian dishes and no home feels complete without a tonne of them in the kitchen.

Heat damages spices and weakens their flavour, so it’s important that spices are stored in a cool dry space to prevent this. Smart cooking, starts with a smart kitchen.

Many times, we lose track of time and end up scuffling and looking around for our spices while turning the kitchen upside down during the process. It’s always wise to store your spices in a spot that’s easy to reach from and is organized neatly in order to avoid confusion while cooking.

A small shelf spice rack is perhaps one of the most innovative and useful spice storage solutions. Small jars work very well for spices due to their tight-fitting lids. Glass works well because you won’t transfer flavors.

And on the plus side, the jars can be reused and they come in a variety of sizes.



Open racks with these little jars are also aesthetically appealing. There’s nothing like having little name tags taped to these jars to give your kitchen a pleasant and homely feel!

If you don’t have space to spare, then you can go for a cabinet door mount. Cabinet door mounts are the little racks you can attach to your overhead cabinets which are easy to reach while you’re cooking.

This helps you save on space and keeps your spices stored neatly and organized. These are not too expensive and are easy to dismantle if you choose to remove them at any point from the cabinet doors.

If you only use a handful of spices, you can always convert one of your pull-out drawers into a spice storage area. This space will give you ample space to layout the spices using a spice liner to avoid the bottles from rolling around.

If you have a new home and are only doing up your kitchen, you can ask for a narrow rack with wheels to be fitted next to the gas stove between two shutters. These can be rolled out easily while cooking to reach your spices.

A test tube rack is an innovative way of storing spices, however it won’t be too useful if you are someone who uses spices regularly as you would have to keep filling them up at frequent intervals.

A test tube will come with a cork which will help the aromas of the spices from escaping. They look creative and can be placed in little test tube holders which help in saving space.

These days we even have pull out spice racks, it stacks neatly inside your kitchen cabinet, but pulls out and down for easy access while you’re cooking. Another way to take advantage of the space under your cabinets?

Add small hooks to the wall underneath or even the side of your cabinets, if that’s a space you want to use and hang your spice jars from them with a wire.



In most Indian homes these days we find the revolving spice storage rack. This helps keep your cabinets clear and allows you easy access to the spices while preparing a meal.

For folks who need a little more storage, the wired kitchen door or wall rack can be hung over the door or mounted to the wall to provide all of the space you’ll need to store spices, pantry items, dry goods and more.

A magnetic spice rack can be tucked away but is still easy to access if your workspace is next to your fridge. You can make a magnetic spice rack yourself by buying a few small jars and then gluing a magnet to the lid and adding a fun label.

You can even place them directly on the fridge! With this spice storage trick you’ll want to pick out a few of your top spices rather than clutter the whole fridge, but you’ll appreciate how easy they are to get to when you’re busy preparing a meal!

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