There are many ways to make space in a house or apartment that you feel may be a tad too small for your liking and your belongings. A smaller room equals to lesser space for storing all that you own.

A major part of your problem can be solved by just sorting out things that you have and don’t really need. Get rid of all that junk you have been hoarding and only keep those things that require.

If you feel like your place is still overcrowded, then we have creative ways to find space to store your things! The wall is an underestimated space you can use for storage. Not many people are aware that their wall space can be converted into a good storage unit.



Floating shelves are an excellent choice of storing your things. These shelves need minimal space since they are hung from the wall and are available in an array of shapes, materials and colors, so they can suit any room in a home or office and they are also easy to install.

A great thing about these is that they can go at any level. You can even put them up high, close to from the ceiling, as a place to keep clothes or whatever else.

It’s wise not to store very heavy things on floating shelves or anything sharp that has a probability of falling off and hurting someone. It adds a lovely element to your home. ​The structure of floating shelves is compact which gives it a neat and minimalistic look.



Another creative way of using a wall is by adding a shelf partition. It acts as a room separator and also allows you to store things in the shelf. They act as a display case, where you can show off maybe medals or other laurels you have.

You can also place photo frames and other artefacts. If you want to add a little bit of aesthetic feel to them, you can keep small indoor plants that don’t require too much watering.



You can use shelves, drawers and cabinets of different size in order to not lose out on floor space in your living room. A TV console unit can be extended with drawers or shelves to optimize your storage! Any stacks of old newspapers or magazines can be tucked away neatly so it doesn’t have to be an eye sore.


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Does your kitchen feel too small to store your spices or vegetables without over packing the existing drawers and cabinets? You can have a hanging baskets from the wall, it adds a rustic element to the kitchen and you now have space to put your vegetables and organize them accordingly.

A pantry wall unit with multiple shelves can be used to store your pulses and grains in jars. You can also add your spice jars to this shelf giving you easy access to them.



Having wardrobes that are as high as your ceiling will help with storage problems in a small bedroom.

All those extra blankets that you may not require during the summer time, or maybe your sweaters too that take up too much space in the cupboard can all fit into the top shelves or racks of ceiling high wardrobes.

In a small room, it’s best to have mirrored wardrobes and sliding doors to help make the room look more spacious. You can even use the space above your headboard on the bed by adding shelves or cabinets on the wall space.


We hope we’ve given you a little more insight on how to use your walls as storage space!

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