The kitchen is the most used room in any house, there is so much daily activity that they tend to wear and tear much faster over the years than other rooms or furniture within the house. With a few simple tricks, one can really extend the life of the modular kitchen and make it last a lifetime.

Listed below are a few small hacks, that will make your kitchen last for many years to come!

1)Open and close drawers & cabinets gently:

Drawers and cabinets are made with smooth closure mechanisms, so it is important to use them gently to avoid strain on the hinges. If drawers are pulled out or cabinets are opened too quickly, the hinges would wear and tear eventually. Depending on the type of cabinet, the kitchen may come with a soft-close mechanism. Avoid pushing the cabinet or drawer shut and let the soft-close do its job. By forcing a cabinet shutter or drawer to move faster, the soft-close goes away leading to more wear and tear. Therefore, be gentle when you open and close drawers and cabinets!

2)Regular Cleaning:

To maintain the “new” look of your kitchen, ensure it is cleaned on a regular basis. Depending on the finish of the cabinetry, there is a simple and effective cleaning process that can easily be followed on a weekly basis. While cleaning the space, ensure that dirt and dust do not collect in the corners and crevices overtime. It would eventually get within the cabinetry and lead to hygiene issues in the future. Therefore, ensure the cabinets are wiped down and cleaned, countertops cleaned, and the floor, corners, and crevices are dusted and cleaned.

3)Never Place Damp Items in Cabinets or Drawers:

Most of the cabinets and carcasses are finished using MDF or plywood. Although they have water-resistant properties, placing damn utensils or items will lead to the formation of mold inside the cabinets. This will weaken the cabinets and reduce the life of the entire modular kitchen. Whether it’s plates, utensils, or any other items, ensure they are completely dry before placing them in their designated cabinet or drawer. This keeps the area dry and clean, and ultimately increasing the life of the entire kitchen space.

4)Avoid Overstuffing:

As humans, we tend to hoard and buy a plethora of kitchen items and ultimately cram them in our kitchen cabinets. However, this damages the kitchen. Every cabinet has a weight limit and if the load is too heavy, the cabinet or drawer will sag over time, affecting the alignment and the overall use of the kitchen space.

5)Don’t place hot/cold vessels directly on kitchen counters:

A strict rule to adhere to is to never place anything on the counter with extremes of temperature. Although kitchen counters made of different materials such as granite, marble and even wood are sturdy, prolonged heat or cold exposure weakens them or even breaks them. Replacing a counter can be a very expensive move no matter when it is done.

Using these small hacks in your modular kitchen will increase the life of your kitchen by tenfold and keep it sparkling like new, always!

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