In India, the monsoon spell is a climate that’s welcomed with open arms after the blazing summer heat. Monsoon is the season to curl up in your bed for those extra 15 minutes or just cozy up on your sofa with a steaming cup tea or coffee.

It is the season to spend time in the kitchen, cooking up warm meals for the ones you love. While the weather is perfect to stay dry in the comfort of your home admiring the patter of rain against the windows.

Wooden furniture however, are not easy to maintain, especially during the monsoon season. Moisture can cause serious damage to your furniture. High moisture content in the atmosphere, during the rains, can cause termites and other pests to create problems with your wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture has a tendency to attract moisture from the walls which will settle on the wood. It’s always a good idea to pull your wardrobes, sofas and other furniture at least 6 inches away from the wall to prevent damage during the rainy season.

When it isn’t raining, keep the windows open to let sunlight in so that the humidity in the room decreases. During monsoons, it’s best to move all the furniture you’ve placed next to windows and doors. The sprinkles of water that comes in with the breeze can deteriorate your furniture.

Instead of using a damp cloth to clean your wooden furniture, use a dry one to avoid dust accumulation. Dust absorbs moisture and that may result in softening the wood.

Monsoons also bring with them fungus and mould that is caused due to the dampness. You can use dried neem leaves and naphthalene balls to prevent this from happening. Camphor or naphthalene balls are great moisture absorbers.

They will also help protect clothes as well as wardrobes from termites and other pests. Also, remember to wipe clean any spills and water splashes on your furniture as soon as they occur. You can spray the furniture with a waterproofing solution to ensure that the dampness does not mar its beauty.

Another way of taking care of your furniture during the monsoons is by making sure it’s protected against the moisture by applying a layer of polish. Depending on the polish of the furniture, apply a coat of lacquer or varnish at least once in two years to fill the pores and increase its life.

This layer of varnish helps prevent the wood from swelling. You don’t need to shine it, just coat it. Apply a coat of anti-rust paint on the wrought iron ones as well. It’ll make them look brand new and will also keep them from warping and rusting.

You can’t always keep your windows shut during monsoons and expect the room not to feel stuffy. Invest in a good humidifier that will keep temperatures and moisture levels under control in your home.

This also enhances the life of your furniture, be it modular or otherwise. Don’t do any renovations or polishing of your wooden furniture because moisture levels are high at this time of the year and any changes you try to make in your home will be a waste.

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