Dust always seem to find a way into your home. It’s a never-ending battle we all try to win but never do.

The most we can do is to prevent it as much as possible from entering our home.

Dust carries a lot of dust mites and other bacteria which affect our health adversely. Here are some tips to help fight your dust problem!

Shoes bring in a lot of dust and muck into a house. So, it’s always advisable that you ensure people keep their shoes outside the house.

You can install a shoe cabinet near the entrance so that you can leave your footwear outside the house and prevent unnecessary dirt from coming into your home. You can also keep a good rug or mat so that you can wipe out what ever dirt may come from your legs.

If you are not comfortable walking bare foot inside the house, you can keep a pair of indoor slippers which should be used for only when you are at home.


Avoid filling your house with too many accessories and ornaments as they tend to collect dust and it becomes a little hard to wipe them down every day.


A vacuum cleaner is your best friend. If you don’t have one, it’s wise to invest in one. Ensure that you vacuum your couch and carpets regularly as they are the most likely culprits to amass dust particles.



Curtains are also very prone to collecting dust, so vacuuming the curtains also play a very crucial role in keeping your home dust free. Using blinds are a better alternative to curtains in this case.


Air purifiers are a popular addition in homes these days as they clean the air we breathe. Purifiers can potentially trap dust particles and pollutants before they come in contact with the surfaces in our homes.



It also helps clean out any nasty odours that may come in to your home. Installing an air purifier can slow the rate of dust accumulation so your home stays cleaner longer.

Keeping windows open all the time may seem like a good idea at first, to keep the place cool and airy. However, this also attracts a lot of air borne pollutants and pollen grains.

Keep the windows closed when you are not at home and when winds are high. Carpets make a house look great, but they collect a lot of dust, so it’s a good idea to just avoid carpets in the home altogether.


Closets are a significant source of cloth fibre which makes of most of the dust in our houses. Ensure that the closets are vacuumed regularly and dusted out.

Having plastic containers to store all the items in your home is one of the best ideas. Plastic containers lock fibres inside and let the dust out. They are also easy to clean and wipe.



A bed in your room is one of the major causes of dust accumulation. The bedding in your room collects ounces of dust on the surface as well as under it due to the shedding of skin flakes.

Every time you move around, the dust rolls all over the floor. To avoid this, you should wash the bedding twice a week and replace with the fresh sheets. Electronics like your TV or sound systems and your ceiling fans always attract dust particles.

Dry clean them with a microfiber cloth once to get rid of most of the dust. Then give it another sweep with a damp cloth sprayed with a mild cleanser to remove all the dust that’s stuck on them. Mop the corners and the floor with a damp sponge mop to get rid of anything that’s left.

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