Whether you live in a small apartment or a dainty little house, there are going to be plenty of design challenges. But who said we can’t make small rooms homely and cozy?

With a few simple tricks, any small space can be converted into a beautiful space for you and those living in it relaxed and not feel claustrophobic.

One of the key points to be kept in mind while designing a small space is to not dwell on how small it is. Instead you can work around the space and everything it has to offer.



While working with small rooms, always keep in mind that you need to save on floor space. The best way to work with this is to use your vertical space. You can opt for wall mounted storage solution.

Wall mounted shelves can serve multiple functions like a place to house books, clothing, storage, and decorative objects – adding both function and personality to your space. The key to designing small spaces is to always keep the layout simple.

While painting small rooms, always go for lighters shades of colour or neutral shades. Darker shades tend to make the room feel stuffier and congested.



While designing a small room, always ensure that there is plenty of light, be it natural light or artificial. If you have more windows, it’s always a good idea to keep light curtains, both in the shade of colour and material, so the room feels airier.

Hanging drapes as close to the ceiling possible creates an illusion of space. If you do not have enough windows, you can go for creative overhead lighting choices.

Pendant lights and chandeliers are beautiful addition that adds to the ambience of the room. Avoid table lamps and floor lamps, as they tend to take up more floor space. Instead, you can use mounted lighting next to beds and tables.



Adding plants to a small room can make a small room feel fresh! So, don’t hold back on adding greens to your homes. A small bonsai plant or tree can do wonders to a small room. One of the easiest things to keep in mind while designing a small room, is to keep it free from clutter.

Messy rooms tend to take up more space and looks highly overcrowded and adds to the stuffiness in the room. One solution to clutter is to have hidden storage. Creative storage solutions like having double duty furniture pieces goes a long way.

A bed with drawers underneath them or a bench with storage baskets are neat ways of keeping the room clutter free.



When all else fail, a good old optical illusion is a great way to make your small space seem larger. Clear furniture in glass or acrylic are a great way to open up a small space and is one of the easiest hacks to implement.

Bulky furniture that sits on or close to the floor adds a sense of visual clutter and makes your room feel heavier. On the other hand, furniture that has elegant, tapered legs makes small spaces feel more open.

Just like these leggy furniture pieces, another simple way of making a room seem larger is through the use of mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and make the room feels brighter and bigger. This visual illusion is not only used for homes, but for shops as well.

Just because your rooms are small doesn’t mean they have to be dull. Choose from bold wallpapers to decorate your room. The patterns on the wallpaper can add a touch of chic and elegance in a small and dull room.

We hope these ideas help you and have inspired you to change up your home! Let us know in the comment section below, your ideas of designing a small room.

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