As you know the all-white interiors are on trend at the moment! A white wall is nothing but a canvas for your imagination! To achieve a sophisticated all-white interior, it is best to use a variation of white tones through a combination of paint, furnishings, decor and accessories. It’s not a matter of choosing the perfect white, it’s about choosing a few perfect whites that will suit your home in your style! It is always wise not to mix warm, creamy whites with icy tones of white, as the cooler tones will tend to make the warmer white look dirty and the creamy tone of white will make the cool ones look clinical and sterile.     While decorating your walls with white, it’s always wise to use art as a focal point in the room. Hanging art work or any pieces of sculpture on the white walls helps make it stand out in a room that is painted white. So, don’t hesitate to use your white walls to your advantage by showcasing all the amazing pieces of art you have stowed away. It’s like owning your very own art gallery! There are endless different textures for a white room you can choose from. You can use textured rugs, velvet sofas and linen cushions which adds a touch of class and elegance to the room. The furniture plays a very important role while decorating a room with white walls. If you choose light neutral toned colours, it tends to make the room dull and less vibrant. Adding furniture with rich tones and with a good texture helps it to stand out in a white room, bringing a wave of aristocracy to the room.     Another approach you can use while decorating a white walled room is the earthy approach. Indoor greenery is always a good idea to add an element of texture to an all-white room and plant stands can help add a little bonus splash of colour to your interior. Plants can help you achieve a chic look in rooms that have white walls. Using different building materials or architectural elements is always a good idea and giving it a coat of white paint to create cohesion and to help it blend in with the existing coat of paint.   Adding metallic touches to your furniture can really spruce up your home interiors especially with a white backdrop. A center table with a gold or bronze finish legs will go perfectly with a white washed wall. These accents help add definition and warmth to the room and breaks the monotony of the white. One of the upcoming and trendy look that has hit the market these days are the use of wooden tones to compliment white walls. If your room has differing warm wooden tones, such as wooden paneling or a wooden floor, white walls can add a brightness to the room and complement the earthy tones. Although all-white walls can give a crisp and solid feel to a room, it doesn’t mean that you have to have to be apprehensive about using bold patterns or stick to similar and muted shades. A statement rug can be a great focal point and white walls can give chic a minimalist twist. If you have retro furniture pieces, don’t be afraid to flaunt them, they can really add a feel of vintage mixed with modern look to your rooms!     White walls are the perfect blank canvas, it allows you to express your creativity and show off your personality in numerous ways. It means you can draw on your own unique style and quirks to add colour and texture to a room!   If you like to be edgy, there is no better way to portray your personality than a white walled room. You can focus on the fixtures to break the monotony and opt for bright furniture tables and chairs in your dining room area like red or black fabric finishes. Your cabinets get opened and closed many times throughout the day. The area around the handles can easily be the dirtiest. Reach this difficult spot by using a stronger cleaner like a detergent and a toothbrush.   Let us know in the comment section below how you have decorated your white wall at your home.

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