Cities these days are on the verge of becoming smart cities, living standards are improving and people want their houses to be designed by being in tandem with the latest trends. One such trend is the use of modular kitchens rather than the traditional Indian kitchens.

Kitchens are no doubt the heart of your home. If this place is not well maintained, it can be harmful to the entire family as a dirty kitchen can lead to unhealthy living. Moreover, an untidy kitchen impacts the judgement of anyone who walks into your home. Modular kitchens are equipped with the latest oven and appliances, making cooking an easy and enjoyable affair. Since it’s the busiest hub of your home, your kitchen is bound to accumulate dirt and grime over time.

Hence, the upkeep of your modular kitchen is a very important aspect of a clean and healthy home.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your modular kitchen spick and span!

  • Wipe down the countertop with a disinfectant and use warm water to remove tough stains and fingerprints.
  • Do not scrub the surface of the counter tops with sharp objects as it can damage the finish.
  • Sweep the kitchen with a plastic broom or dab with mop for liquid spills. Do not flood the kitchen with water as it can damage the cabinet doors and shutters.
  • Use equal parts of water and vinegar or club soda and lemon juice to keep cabinets spotless.
  • Always use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the cabinets and shutters.
  • Wipe the utensils dry before returning them to the cabinets or drawers to keep it rust-free and bacteria-free.
  • Use nylon scrubbing pads on steel sinks as they do not leave scratches. Ensure that the sink does not have any food scraps or organic waste to keep your plumbing smooth.
  • Empty your refrigerator and clean it with warm soap water at least once every week.

  • Wash your dishes once before placing them in the dishwasher.
  • Empty your cabinets and then dust or mop with a sponge to rid of cooking residue. Leave it open to dry before putting items back
  • Kitchen cabinets need to be cleaned on a weekly basis at the very least, to eliminate stickiness and unpleasant odours.
  • Use equal parts of water and vinegar or club soda and lemon juice to keep cabinets spotless.
  • If you have a light color modular kitchen, it is always a must to keep cleaning the doors, the handles, the channels every now and then. This could be once a month and then could be once in three months.
  • Excess moisture can damage your laminate cabinets. Use a soft cloth or towel to carefully dry your laminate cabinets. Do not allow them to simply air dry.

  • It is easy to feel somewhat overwhelmed at the idea of having to clean the variety of appliances stored in our kitchens. However, an easy trick to tackle this chore is to clean the equipment immediately after using it. Warm soapy water is usually enough to clean of fresh stains.
  • Another important aspect of guaranteeing a sparkling germ-free kitchen is by making sure that the garbage bin is regularly washed with hot water and sprayed with disinfectant. A clean kitchen, though aesthetically pleasing, is, most importantly, a step in ensuring your family’s health and safety. It is an added advantage that regular maintenance can help in cutting costs for repair and replacement.

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