Designing your children’s room may be a great deal of fun, since you are able to experiment with vivid colours and special themes. But at the same time, are you aware that colours can affect your child’s behaviour?

The right colours can inspire and possess a beneficial impact on your kid’s development. But some colours might make them over-excited and restless. Thus, you need to be extra careful when choosing the right colour for your kids room.

Before you narrow down your options, make sure you check out these colour themes chosen by our designers:


While it is our tendency to choose gender-neutral colours, there is nothing wrong in selecting pink because it is among the prettiest, most calming colours you are able to find. Pink is sweet and gentle, but you can go all the way to different shades of pink, if you’re seeking colours that pop-up. Pink goes nicely with grey, white or cream, so plan the colour accordingly. Pink also lends a sense of subtlety to the room.


Out of the colour palette, blues are beautiful. Sea blue from a calming sensation, bright blues blended with stripes to create a fun space. You can also play with cream and blue coloured furniture, to get a bedroom that never goes out of fashion.

Mix of Blue and Orange

While using the mix of blue and orange in your kid’s room, you can also use the storage components in a rich shade of cream to keep neutrality.

Intensely warm colours are not good for kids that are restless. So, if your little one is restless, you may want to decide on a cooler colour palette.


The green colour is related to new beginnings and therefore helps develop learning and creativity. So, if you want your child to be creative and quickly learn new things, this is actually the colour you should be going for.

Green pairs beautifully with cream, blue and yellow. When blended with yellow, it provides a warmer impact; whereas a mix with blue provides cooler tones.

Pick a neutral colour

The favourite colour of a child keeps changing every day, so using a neutral colour can be the simplest way to keep them happy.

When they start growing, you can always have the option to change the colour of sheets, accessories and curtains to match their favourite colours.

White colour stabilises a child’s character and personality and creates a sense of balance in them.

Rainbow Hues

If you are finding difficulty in choosing the colour for your child, there is no need to compromise — you won’t go wrong if you select all of the colours of the rainbow.

All of the VIBGYOR colours have equal effect so you can use any shades of VIBGYOR as bright décor always remains trendy.


We have been told a lot of times that yellow can be over-stimulating, but it does not occur if you use citron yellow. We are sure that your child will adore this colour as it is energised by the sun.


Greys are thought to be very trendy at the moment, and using a grey background, you are setting the stage to present bright pops of your kid’s favourite colours.

Grey is exceptional since it works well with nearly any other colour. You might also organize it effortlessly with both bold colours and pastels.


An infant nursery in colours of white is ideal for your little angel. White enhances the sweetness and innocence, it provides a relaxing environment.

DIY – Do it yourself

What better than giving your child their own wall to draw, paint, colour, or even scribble whatever they want to. Bring out the artistic side of your child, by simply leaving one wall in the room empty for them to use their creativity.

We hope this article would have definitely helped you in choosing the right colour for your kid’s room. But, if you are still confused then you can always talk to our designers, we would be happy to help you!

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