Every person has a dream of owning a beautiful home. While we always strive for something unique and different from others, majority of the time we come in peace with simple decorations, and improvements. One of the reasons for this is that we are scared to experiment with colours, because being unique always comes with a cost and sometimes, it costs too much that we drop the idea and settle for something less without taking the risk.

What we fail to understand is that, there are a lot of creative and cost effective ways to modify your home interiors and to obtain a level of originality that will satisfy you. Sometimes, all it takes is incorporating some bold and bright colours in your interior design. While some may not really be on board with the idea of adding bold colours, there are some who want to try something new, unique and different that will definitely benefit from decorating your home’s interior with bold colours.


As the saying goes “Bold colours make bold statements”, which is exactly why they have to be applied with a lot care and some restrictions. You are not supposed to add bright paint on all walls of the house, or a saturation of colour on your accent elements.


In order to avoid any interior disaster, first collect the samples and check whether they match the colour that you have in mind. You can even try large wall samples to get an actual picture or a rough idea of how the room would look once it is completed. Not everything looks as cool as it sounds, which is why it is very important for you to check every idea before you implement it.



Once you have decided where to add the colours, the next step is to make sure they that the colour blends well with all the furniture, because bold colours will definitely draw a lot of attention wherever they are applied. But one thing that needs to be considered is that, lack of natural light and dull or dim lighting, and lack of neutral colour in the area to add balance, may lead to the bold colour not creating a great visual impact and will not do justice to the wall on which the colour is painted.


Accent walls will shine when they are in a room which has a good source of natural light from windows. Painting your walls with bright and bold colours usually require proper contrast. Even a simple colour like white will go hand in hand to make your bold accents shine. Most people don’t realise that the colour white comes in a lot of different shades and undertones, so make sure to choose the right colour and undertone that makes the accent wall more visually appealing.



Paying attention to scale and proportion is a very crucial factor that needs to be considered while designing any room, but the challenge is that it becomes tricky when you’re dealing with bold shades. One of the key things that needs to be followed is to try and limit the number of accent colours while designing a smaller space and add more colours while designing a much larger space.


Adding patterns is also a great idea to enhance the beauty of the room. In a room with bold colours, you can use it to bring the design together by choosing a suitable pattern that matches the colour shade. If you’re not sure about which bold colour and pattern will go well, then picking a uniform pattern is good and a safe option to start your design.


Look for accessories with patterns on them, rugs, throw pillows, blankets with similar patterns which will be visually appealing. If you’re looking to make an even bigger style statement, then patterned furniture will certainly be the best option for you.



You can keep your dining area minimalist while still incorporating some colours. Mismatched dining chairs stands out in a formal light grey room.


Rather than painting the complete wall, we can use colours to highlight a certain section of the room. Use the painted space of the wall as a backdrop to display pictures, books or canvas paintings.


Let us know what colour combinations or design you have used in your home to make it stand out.

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