For a lot of people, minimalist can be boring and bleak. Clean and functional spaces make sense, but it can be difficult for a home owner to feel at home and relaxed. Sophistication does not necessarily mean that comfort needs to be blown over. It’s perfectly possible to attain both a feeling of comfort and minimalism n the same home. Opposites definitely do attract in such a combination! Cozy minimalism is a style of interior design which pairs functionality with enough decorative elements to make it feel warm too. Cozy minimalism works because it’s a happy medium. This look utilizes the best parts of a function-forward design and combines them with just enough aesthetic detail to make your interiors feel comfortable and welcoming.

To create the feeling of cozy minimalism, let us first start with the furniture. Furniture should play a functional role in the room. Choosing simple yet tasteful pieces of furniture should be your focus to make the space available flexible. Once you’ve chosen your furniture, you can play with the textures you want to add to it to add that element of coziness. If you’re designing a bedroom, the bed can be the focal point without much else to distract the eye. If it’s a living area, focus your design on one main seating area, like the sofa or the center table. The key is to let the rest of your design elements play a supporting role to the furniture, rather than stealing attention away.

Textures can come in different elements, this includes accent pieces like your cushions, drapes, carpets, rugs and even your upholstery. Layering different textures allows you to inject personality without your space looking too busy. Other than texture, accessories are the best way to add interest to a cozy minimalist room. An “accessory” is considered as anything that adds aesthetic value to a room. Introduce select accessories to transform your sleek interior into the perfect place to curl up. Mirrors have a whole host of benefits in cozy minimalism spaces. To start, they are, by their nature, both functional and beautiful. Not only can you see your reflection in them, but they help reflect natural light around a room too. Mirrors that come with vintage frames can give a feel of both minimalist as well as cozy.

Lighting plays an important factor in maintaining a balance between minimalist and cozy. Warm, low lit rooms exude a very homely feel and lets you relax once you come home from a tiresome day at work. Minimalistic lamps work well for a cozy minimal look. They’ll work as striking aesthetic features during the day and acts as a comfort inducing light source at night time. Another fun way to induce a feeling of coziness is to add candles to give a homely vibe with the light it produces. It even looks great when it is not lit up. You can even go for scented candles, to give that soothing and tranquil feel to your home.


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