Are you bored of the plain solid colours in your living room? Instead of adding more items or completely redecorating your home to bring in more color consider adding pattern. Patterns can help improve and modernize the décor you currently have. Patterns can bring a dramatic element and adds a dash of visual interest to your home.

It is important to strike a balance when it comes to patterns. Before choosing a pattern right away, think of the design you are going for. It’s best to keep a few options before coming to a final decision. Ideally, you should choose something with large print, small print and one print of any size, so that you can have an idea of how they will look in your living room.

There are also different types of patterns, like florals, geometric patterns, tangram, psychedelic prints, Ethnic, tribal prints, animal prints and the classic trellis and fleur-de-lis patterns to name a few. Incorporating different patterns into your living room can be extremely intimidating.

Patterns can be incorporated into the living room through different ways like the upholstery on the furniture, the wall and the décor accents like lamp shades and vases. Ideally, you should stick to adding only 3-5 prints in any room. However, if you have a large living room, you can incorporate more patterns.

Opting for bold patterns in your floor tiles can bring about a unique look to the space. One of the most popular ways of incorporating pattern into the living area is to choose printed curtains. It can be the center of attention and add some vibrancy to the interiors. And you can change them easily once you are bored or the trend changes.

If you don’t want to invest in patterned tiles, you can always opt for patterned carpets. Patterned rugs or carpets will bring a fun element to your interiors. You can also throw in contrasting cushions or back covers on the sofa, to make the place look more cohesive.

Chevron or trellis prints are a classic pattern which will always be in trend. They add a tinge of playfulness to the interiors and house design without becoming too zany. Placing these prints over soft and neutral background colors to make them stand out a bit. Geometric patterns give a small sitting area with a monochromatic color scheme a big dose of pep.

If you decide to mix and match patterns, one of the challenges you will face is whether they will look good together or if they will clash. Go for colours that you fancy when choosing colours and then decide whether warm or cool colours suit your living room.

Always choose one or two main colours and then 2 different ones to add that pop of colour to the solid ones. When decorating with patterns it’s important to determine what kind of look you want your room to have. Florals will give your room a feminine vibe while animal prints will give it a glamorous and eclectic feel. Think about the overall look and what kinds of patterns will work with it.

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