Right from our childhood we have seen office furniture been kept in the corners of our homes, ensuring that nobody else sees it, as if it’s not an important part of our homes. To our surprise it hasn’t changed in terms of design and quality since ages. Isn’t it surprising for you as well?

But now you have nothing to worry about at all. Würfel has revolutionised the modular kitchen and wardrobe space in India and now its the Home office segment’s turn. Yes! We are extremely glad to announce that we have launched our home office collection and this surely means that something good is coming your way.



Changing times have evoked a change in the interiors & modular kitchen industry. There has been massive growth in terms of designs, templates, requirements and even customers’ perspectives. While this can be said about one part of the industry, another side, which has shown rapid growth, has always been a neglected part.

The ‘home office segment’ still seems to be stuck in primeval times, lacking innovation and a sense of panache. The lack of designs, technology and quality talk loudly about the unorganised market and also the products lack creativity and longevity. ‘A study’ is what they call it. It is comprised of a table, a chair and a defunct design.

But suddenly, this space is now booming in the industry courtesy Covid 19. But the bad news is that old school, retro designs still remain. But not anymore!

At Würfel, we are trendsetters. We feel profoundly privileged to have changed the modular kitchen industry in India. Kitchens now spell elegance, class and luxury.

Figures suggest that home office furniture available in the market is designed and produced to be short lived. It has never been in vogue or in the must-have list for a home. And that’s what motivated us to explore the ‘Home Office’ segment and elevate all benchmarks in our country. Following the Würfel philosophy of providing European interiors to Indian homes we have decided to launch a luxury home office collection.



Würfel was conceived with a noble thought of providing every Indian home with a European Kitchen. With 33 showrooms across the country and growing globally, Würfel stands as the biggest modular kitchen brand in the country. We feel profoundly privileged to have changed the modular kitchen industry in the country by bringing the best of Europe to Indian homes . Kitchens now spell elegance, class and luxury. Taking this promise forward, Würfel has introduced the Home Office Collection, which also addresses the need of the hour.


Here is why you should own a Würfel Home Office:

  1. European by design and product, but a ‘Make in India’ initiative.
  2. Würfel designs are exclusive and futuristic and a pride for the owner.
  3. Top-of-the-line quality for design as well as functionality.
  4. Besides providing healthy products for your homes, Würfel also takes care of your health and that’s why ergonomics matter. Long working hours can cause damage in the long term to your health. To overcome this problem, we have created height adjustable tables, available in multiple colours and designs.
  5. If you don’t have space for an extra table in your home, now you don’t have to worry any more. You can use Würfel’s strikingly designed folding work tables.
  6. There are always private & official calls that cannot be missed. Many homes don’t have a provision or space to take these calls. After a prolonged research, we have innovated slide & fold partitions which would not only provide the privacy similar to an office space, but also noise cancellation during video calls. This would allow you to maintain a level of professionalism and not give others a peek of your home.



Würfel Home offices are stylish and elegant, ergonomically designed and are redefining industry standards. We have ensured top-of-the-line quality in terms of design and functionality.

Taking the innovation streak forward, we have also created home offices with height adjustable tables, which is a great addition to the healthy living promise.

With our Home Office collection, we are elevating all benchmarks in the country and letting home owners enjoy their space and add another pride to their collection.

Find your Würfel home office now, choose from the options here or visit your nearest Würfel showroom here.

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