Carpets are an integral part of your home decor. The colors, patterns and cuts offer an elegant style statement to your house giving it a sophisticated look. The best room carpet will benefit you in a thousand ways if chosen and installed correctly. However, there are various things that one must keep in mind before selecting your carpet.

To help you with it, here are 5 essential tips to keep in mind before buying a carpet.




natural made carpets

Protect your home by choosing a carpet made from natural and organic products. Natural carpets are floor coverings that is made of natural materials such as jute, wool, sisal, coir, seagrass, etc. These materials are un-dyed, un-processed and are made from organically produced raw materials. These natural fibers make your floor covering eco-friendly and improve the air quality of your house. These authentic, natural weaves are rich in texture and offer a stylish, warm and soothing feel, maintaining the rich look of your house.




color combination

Choosing the right color for your carpet requires research and decision making. While choosing the carpet color, always remember to coordinate it with the house theme. Choose the shades that will go well along with the overall mood or tone of your room. You can go for a light shade like blue or green to get a calm and peaceful setting. And warm colors like red or darker shades can be used to make your space look larger and cozier. Dark colors give your room a cozy look but tend to make your space look smaller. On the other hand, light colors infuse a positive vibe. You can also go for neutral colors that perfectly blends into any setting.




styling your life

Carpets are now available in several patterns and designs, including Saxony, Berber, plush, textured and frieze. Go for a style that goes well with your lifestyle. Always remember that the lighting in the carpet store might differ with the lighting in your home. Ask the dealer if you can take a sample of it to your home to avoid any further confusions. If there are kids or pets in the house, better go for simple low maintenance carpets.





warranty on carpets

Carpets are a long-time investment and should add value to your home once installed. A good carpet comes with a life-long durability, high-quality material, a color that will enhance the look and feel of your house and a strong warranty promising all these factors. Always go for a carpet that offers a long term warranty over matting and crushing, against stains as well as on the material. The most common warranty offered is ‘Wear’ warranty. Manufacturers define ‘Wear’ as a bald spot on the carpet.





carpet perfect for your home

A carpet pad or cushion is a spongy material that is installed underneath the carpet to prevent the wear and tear and to create an extra bounce and softness to the carpet. They make your room more comfortable by providing thermal insulation and helps to keep your room warm and cozy. Denser padded carpets provide great support and comfort. Higher-Quality padding can also help your cheap looking carpet look expensive. While choosing your home carpet, ensure to check the carpet padding for relatively better results.



Here’s what a few of our homeowners have asked us:


How do I select the best carpet for the living room?

Your living room is a space where all the socializing begins and tends to encounter the most traffic in the house. So, a degraded dull-looking carpet will definitely not work. While selecting a carpet for your living room always remember to consider the theme and tone of your home. It is always advisable to coordinate your carpet with the house theme. A neutral and light combination can never go wrong. Dark carpets work best when you have kids or pets at home. They can hide the stains and can ease regular hefty cleaning.


What is the best carpet quality?

Carpet fiber plays an essential role when selecting the best for your home. Carpet fiber is either natural or synthetic and each one brings a certain character to your home. Nylon is considered to be one of the strongest material and is best for heavy-traffic areas like the living room or office space. It is durable and soil-resistant. Olefin is typically designed for outdoor areas such as the basement. It offers great resistance power towards water damage, moisture, staining, shedding, etc. Though these carpets come with the perfect material, it is always advisable to choose a material that suits your home and lifestyle.


How do I choose the best carpet for my bedroom?

Your bedroom space should be comfortable and must help to calm you at the end of a long, tiring day. Though a carpet might seem like a small detail, the right one can help you create a cozy and comfortable vibe while enhancing the beauty of your room. The same thumb rule implies when selecting the best carpet for your bedroom; consider the room tone and theme. Wool is the most preferable fit as it offers a soft and luxurious feel. However, it’s always best to go for natural carpets for your personal space as they offer a great appearance and add an element of comfort.


How often do I need to replace my carpet?

While a typical carpet doesn’t come with an expiry date but there are certain red signals that we shouldn’t ignore. Stretching, dark stains, threadbare areas or a strong bad odor are a clear indication to get rid of your present carpet. You might also notice your carpet fading after a while and faded carpets will again make your room look pale and dull. So, when you start noticing these signs, know that it’s time to change your carpet.


Does padding in a carpet make a huge difference?

Yes! High-Quality padding can improve your carpet quality. While selecting your full room carpet, make sure to double check the padding because the spongy material in padding will add an extra bounce to your room carpet, making it more soft and comfortable.


What all did you consider before buying the carpet for your home?
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