Carpets are just another home essential that enhance your level of comfort and decor. The same carpet helps in insulating the indoor environment by saving energy and it also incorporates the feeling of warmth and coziness. By adding a touch of elegance to your floors and protecting you from cold and concrete tiles, carpets have come a long way. Now, the old carpets can be recycled into the new ones, excluding the need for acquiring new raw materials. They are easy to maintain and their cost-saving attribute is what makes them more worthy of purchase. The latest styles and designs have replaced the traditional outlook offering you an array of designs and patterns to suit your lifestyle. Its maintenance highly depends upon its use, few carpets can be easily rubbed off using brooms and conventional soaps, but certain carpets do need special cleaning. Carpets come along with a number of factors, carpet cleaning and maintaining being the prime one. You might often confuse yourself when it comes to carpet cleaning and sometimes you might even end up destroying it.

Below are a few quick tips to clean up your carpets:

Clean it up with a Carpet Brush


brush to clean

Use a carpet brush to clean off the light dust particles. Take the brush and scrub off the carpet surface. Use any soap water solution to grease out the stubborn stains and spills. After this minimal process, dry your carpet and then clean it one more time using a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, the regular soft broom will just do fine. For sticky stains like gum, rub an ice cube on it before prying it out.

Pro tip here is to clean the spots/ stains as soon as you see them.


Baking Soda- The Ultra Weapon


Baking soda for cleaning

There isn’t a single thing that baking soda can’t fix. From cooking to cleaning your house to clearing your skin, this inexpensive solution works its magic on every possible thing. Create your own baking soda solution by just mixing a generous amount of it to water and then spray it directly on the affected area. Let carpet soak the solution for at least 2-3 hours and then clean it up using a vacuum cleaner or a light brush. This solution will not only help you get rid of the stains but will also reduce the bad odour.


A mixture of Vinegar, Dish wash Soap and Water


solution for cleaning carpet

Mix a tablespoon of dish wash soap into a pint of warm water and then add 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar. Do a patch test before spraying the solution directly on the stains. After applying the solution, gently scrub the stained area. Remember, harsh scrubbing can ruin your carpet so make sure to go easy with it. Once done with the mild scrubbing, dip the carpet in a bucket and let it dry.


Carpet Shampoo


shampoo for cleaning shampoo

Carpet shampoo is another popular cleaning solution that will help you get a clean and stain-free carpet. Before using carpet shampoo, make sure to read the package instructions. If needed, dilute the shampoo before directly applying it to the affected area. Apply only the required amount and don’t make the whole carpet wet. Once you are done applying the shampoo, scrub it off with a brush. Let the carpet dry and then vacuum it for the final result.


Clean with Shaving Foam


carpet cleaning foam

How to clean a carpet using foam? Sounds a bit unusual? We know. But it is highly effective if done correctly. Apply shaving foam directly on the stains and let it sit for 30 mins. Use a mild brush and gently scrub off the foam. You can also take off the foam using a vinegar-water solution. Shaving cream is mild and can effectively clean your carpet stains making it look sparkling clean.


Here’s what a few of our homeowners have asked us:

Which is the best Carpet Fiber?


Carpets are available in a variety of options. When buying a new carpet, always make sure to check its fiber and thickness. Nylon is one of the most popular carpet fibers and is widely known for its durability. But they hardly offer any stain resistance. If looking for a stain-resistant carpet, olefin offers a great deal. They are resistant to moisture, mold and mildew. They are tougher than nylon and are perfect for basements and outdoors. Wool is another premier carpet, it is durable, stain-resistant, and is also considered as an eco-friendly floor solution.


Will my carpet/ rug fade overtime?


Every material has an expiry date. And the date of expiry depends upon the way you use that material. After a certain time, you might notice a few changes in your carpet material and these changes occur due to different factors. Factors like exposure to harsh chemicals and sunlight, placing heavy furniture on the carpet, improper handling and not cleaning the carpet when required, etc can easily destroy your carpet. Following a few basic rules like removing your shoes before stepping on the carpet, washing the carpet when required, stretching it out often, etc can help you make your carpet last longer.


Will carpet cleaning ruin my carpet?


No. One of the biggest misconceptions is that cleaning the carpet will eventually end up ruining its original look. Modern carpet cleaners are completely safe if you buy them from a professional. Local store brand might not be effective and can ruin the carpet fiber. Before cleaning your carpet, make sure that you know its material. Knowing the material will help you to find the correct and safe solution.


Is carpet cleaning and vacuuming the same thing?


Carpet cleaning is the complete deep cleaning of your carpet. While vacuuming your carpet regularly will only help you get rid of the dirt, pet hair, crumbs and other debris. You can vacuum your carpet daily but deep cleaning it once a while is always recommended.


Will regular cleaning shrink my carpet?


Not unless you leave your carpet wet after cleaning it. You can avoid shrinkage by drying your carpet thoroughly once you are done cleaning it. If you leave your carpet wet for a long time, it will not only shrink the material but will also destroy it.

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