If you are looking for the perfect chair for your home and office, then this list has everything you need. You can also get creative and look for chairs that blend and match with your home decor. From functional to stylish, these chairs can make your home a statement.

Here are 14 different types of chairs for your home.


An armchair has all that we love about present day chairs. They provide comfort as well as make you living home look more stylish. They can either easily mix in to your seating plan, or go about as an accent piece in your room.


Winged-back chairs create a visual impression of the house with their classic and vintage appearance. The wings of the seat were initially designed block the heat, but now it has become more of the décor statement.


Extravagant upholstery seating adds a unique texture to your room, and gives a kind vintage look. Initially, Chesterfields were made using leather with deep button tufting all over and nail head trim  used to provide unique design to the couch back. Modern ones have started exploring other fabrics, giving you opportunity to try different things with.


These chairs are extraordinary for relaxing. You could now go for standalone chairs, or go full scale and invest in a recliner sofa. You can use accessories like lumbar pillow or decorative cushion for luxurious look. The beauty of this is that you can adjust the headrest and leg rest as per your liking to give you the feel of a lounger.

Rocking Chair

You could have seen the rocking chairs at your grandparents’ homes, but they are still popular today. These chairs have been improvised and now you can find them with extra leg room, better lumbar support and even a 360 degrees’ swivel.

Deck Chair

Deck chairs are tough and durable, and therefore they are ideal choice for open air seating. You can find these chairs in variety of materials from teak wood to plastic.

Always choose these chairs according to the climatic conditions of your surroundings.

Wicker Chair

Wicker chairs were extremely popular in home style in the mid 70’s and has held its rustic appeal. They add a warm summery feel to your home, and open up your space. They look amazing with pastel wall colours and soft lighting.

Desk Chair

Say goodbye to exhausting and thick office chairs, with modern chair designs. They provide elegance to your room without compromising ergonomic properties and lumbar support. The height of this kind of chairs are adjustable according to your convenience. The back support is quite dynamic giving you the perfect sitting posture.

Side Chair

Side chairs are an incredible method to incorporate accent in your stylistic theme. You can add a pop of colour to your monochrome walls to provide luxurious look to your home décor.

Club Chair

Club seats are portrayed by their low backs and overwhelming arms, and get their name since they were first utilized in men’s clubs all over Europe. These chairs are perfect for relax spaces in your home, and is always seen with matching ottoman.

Slipper Chair

These chairs are armless and have low seating but at the same time gets comfortably placed in any quirky corner of the house. They are elegant and can be a piece of statement for your house. They are named as slipper chair because they have low height and therefore you can easily slip off your footwear.

Chaise Lounge

Looking for getting a chair which provide better relaxation with style, the chaise lounge can be the best choice for you. You can find these chairs in different styles, colours and finishes. They can be easily placed in a small or big homes to get the pinnacle of relaxation you always needed.

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