Many people have a question between MDF vs particle board. One of the most common questions we get asked are how durable these boards are in comparison to wood.

We do our best to respond to every consumer in an informative way, we import MDF and particle board from Europe. The make is altogether different and are non-tocsin and eco-friendly and is water resistant as well. The quality of the supplies and material that make up the product strengthen it more.

Let me take you through the make of MDF and particle board and their advantages. MDF (Medium Density Fibre) and particle board are both pressed wood products often used for cabinets, shelves or panels and doors.

Medium Density Fibre (MDF)



MDF is made up from wooden fibres (saw dust). It is majorly used on doors or fascia, moulding and any panelling work where the paint is applied. Because of the fibres, the top surface is smoother and there will be no undulation, absorption or undesirable warping. It’s an easy material to work with in terms of cutting and milling and can be used with all power tools.

With MDF, it is possible to have complicated shapes and sizes. Drawback of MDF is that it will deteriorate quickly if exposed to water and damp conditions. It is not to be used at the place where there will be moisture or water movement. MDF should always be trimmed out with solid wood, because it is so dense, it is heavier, so it isn’t ideal for larger panels to be hung.

People became suspicious after bringing furniture made of this material into their homes and noticing toxic smells stemming from their new furniture especially in closed rooms.

Low quality MDF made furniture can release toxic fumes, creating high levels of toxicity in small spaces and potentially effecting health. Good quality of MDF made furniture does not release toxic fumes because the adhesive or resin used in it is non-tocsin.

We as a brand are conscious about the health and environment and ensure it is not adversely affected. We only use MDF on kitchen front panels where lacquer is applied and where there is no other option to provide better finishing than using MDF.

Particle Board



Particle board is made up from the wood chips, wooden fibre (saw dust) and special resin which make the board water resistant. The wooden chips used to make the particle board are made by cutting the branches which can grow out again and chopped in smaller pieces.

We are highly focused on not damaging the environment. We as a brand are conscious about the environment. This mixture is hot pressed and is calibre from all the sides. It is used in cabinet’s, shelves, panels and also other furniture.

Specially water resistant particle boards used in kitchen cabinet’s where there is a lot of moisture. One of the most adored features of a particle board is that since it is machine made, you can get it into your desired sheets in desired dimensions. As particle board is more dense and stronger than MDF. We cannot bend or mould it as it will cause it to snap or tear.

This material is effective to use with materials like laminates, veneers, glass etc. Particle board is suggested for kitchen as we use E1 grade which is eco-friendly and non-tocsin and non- formaldehyde.

Good quality of particle board made furniture does not release toxic fumes because the adhesive or resin used in it is non-tocsin. Due to temperature fluctuations or any other changes in the environment, it won’t warp.

The density of a particle board is 800kg/m3 and has the capacity to hold the screws/nails a minimum of four times of screwing and unscrewing which is similar to the wood and plywood.

There are many different materials that offer a range in options for furniture. For better or worse, good quality of raw material has flooded into the globe, and while it is accessible, it is also basically disposable.

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