When it comes to a kitchen layout, your thoughts would mostly revolve around efficiency and space-saving. The parallel kitchen is one of the most well-known and oldest kitchen layouts and is still popular among cooking professionals, or at least for the ones who cook frequently and with a strong focus on functional ease and speed. Indian households often choose this design due to space constraints in their homes and this design offers a good work triangle in the kitchen.


What is a Parallel Kitchen?



A setup where two individual kitchen platforms, run parallel to each other along with their cabinets.

These kitchens are compact yet convenient. The kitchen work triangle is therefore spaced out between the two walls, with the ‘corridor’ space offering ease of movement in between.


Why should you choose a Parallel Kitchen?

This kitchen layout gives you two countertops to work on and extra space for movement.

It makes the process of cooking an utter joy and everything you require will be in your direct line of sight.

It makes the best use of space with vertical storage options. Can also be equipped from midway units on either side of your stove top for essential spices and condiments.

This kitchen layout utilizes the least amount of space, without compromising on functionality.


The Ayes

Ideal for the best utilisation of limited or small spaces such as corridors, this layout also works in medium spaces provided you ensure there is not too much gap between the two opposing sides.

A parallel kitchen helps maximise efficiency and is especially ideal in a situation where only one person is cooking.

It is also a good fit where there is a door or window on one wall and you cannot choose any of the other layouts.

There are no corners hence, full utilization of space can be taken care off. As corners can be little tricky to deal with.


The Nays

If you are looking to put a dining area in the kitchen, then this design is not for you though a small breakfast counter could be accommodated at one end depending on the available space.

A parallel kitchen can be dark and gloomy if there is no source of natural light in it.

If there are multiple cooks, then it is likely to reduce efficiency given the limited space available to move around and get tasks done quickly.

You will not be able to accommodate corner units in this layout.


Things to keep in mind when designing a Parallel Kitchen-


  • Between the two sides of your parallel kitchen, a minimum distance of about 3 to 4 feet is recommended to allow yourself to move around comfortably.
  • To cut down on the running back and forth from your stove to the sink, try to place on the same side but ensure that you have enough room to open the doors without obstruction without compromising on cabinet space.
  • If you have a large room to work with, a kitchen island can be also added to this layout. Give your kitchen a chic look by adding a breakfast bar in your kitchen. The breakfast bar adds to both style and convenience.
  • To make the space look a little bigger, choose from light colours and natural finishes which are easier to the eye.
  • You can mix up things by using contrasting bright colours for a chicer style statement or a combination of different finishes.


Scope of Customization


Possibilities of décor for your parallel kitchen are limitless.

You can alternate your kitchen cabinets with light colours. Add textured wallpaper to your kitchen layout to add an extra dimension to your space, colourful backsplash or install tiles behind the counters for a clean and elegant look.

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