Your living room décor is the first give away to your sense of style and décor. It basically sets the tone of your homes style. So, it’s important to make a bold statement in the living room when it comes to décor. When it comes to the windows, curtains play a vital role in setting the mood and pulling the design elements together.

Like art, living room curtains give a home a finishing touch. Whether they’re standing out or blending in with other pieces, they pull a room together. When it comes to curtains for living rooms, the options are endless. There’s a lot to think about before choosing the curtains for the living room. The material, texture, length, style and color all matter and it’s usually a matter of finding the right combination.

One of the most popular window decor that is trending in the market now are breezy coastal curtains. Select a color that contrasts with the wall color.  These type of beautiful curtains makes every home feel extra breezy. If you have a home by the beach, these are an apt type to go for.

This breezy coastal option is also best for your bedroom curtains. Sheer curtains are the best choice to keep your place bright and classy. And it’ll help prevent the living room from feeling too closed off.

Tall drapes curtains create difference and make a living room feel bigger. Play with the colors, either uses bright dark colors of curtains or light bright colors. Both the contrast enhances the look of your living room. A dark living room can look hard, so give the style with pastel curtains.

To make it feel extra cohesive, match your curtains for a living room lamp. And this design one of the best and perfect curtain design for your living room window decor. This will give a sense of lightness in the living area space.

Your curtain rods can add just as much design flair to a space as the curtains themselves. Note the other materials used in your space and select your window hardware to match. Wood or brass window hardware will warm up a space, whereas white or silver will recede.

If you want to have the option to block out light, opt for heavy blackout curtains. Blackout curtains don’t necessarily have to come in black, you can get them in pretty much any colour you would like.

Layered curtains add depth to the windows and provide an extra layer of insulation that’s ideal for colder months. You can open the curtains to allow more light into the room or shut them for total privacy.

This method also allows you to mix and match different colors or patterns, an ideal style for indecisive individuals.

To layer curtains properly, you’ll need to select the right combination of fabrics, size and color.

Another new way of decorating your living room with curtains is by hanging window scarves. Simply drape a window scarf or a sheer or lightweight fabric over and under a curtain rod to create a look that you love. Another great curtain idea would be pairing curtains with blinds or shades, it adds depth to your windows and offers extra light and privacy control.

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