The first object that grabs someone’s’ attention while walking into a room is called the focal point of that room. Every room has a focal point that defines the theme and enhances the look and texture of the room. The same rule applies for the bedroom. An artistic wall, a classy wardrobe or a creatively-alluring bed can completely steal the appearance of your room. A unique, creative bed is a must while designing a Pinterest-perfect bedroom. The same creative bed adds an organized and luxurious aspect to your room. Your bed dressing, choice of pillows, choice of bed-frame can affect your bedroom expression.

By adding a few prints and color to your bed, you can turn a boring bedroom into an eye-catching piece of elegance.

Below are 5 creative ways of making your bed look appealing.




lines on bedsa

Neutral is a go-to color for any occasion. They are simple and add a natural touch to a thing. Toss a pair of neutral-colored linens to make your bed the center of attraction. A combination of neutral linens, when paired with a bold themed bed frame, can create a unique contrast version. Don’t go overboard with the pillows. The idea is to enrich the simple and sophisticated look. So, a pillow or two will completely suffice the need. You can also go for textured linen to add pattern and prints but remember to maintain the color neutrality.




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Wondering how to make a bed using a monochrome theme? It’s simple! Monochrome has been ruling the fashion industry for a while now. When it comes to the stark contrast, there is no better combination than a team of black and white. The monochrome palette gives a minimalistic look, maintaining the modern outlook of the room. Create a contrast using white bedding and a black comforter or a duvet cover. Throw a few greyish colored pillows or simply put the coordinating black and white combo.




matching cushions

If monochrome doesn’t thrill you, you can always combine different patterns and color. For an eclectic look, add a splash of contrasting bright shades to the neutral bedding. Incorporate this look by mixing dark colored pillows and comforter with a light or neutral colored bedding. When you create a mix-n-match combo, always follow the lighter vs darker shade, it will add a more transitional and dramatic touch to your bedroom.





douvet foldable

To get that ultra-modern European look, add two folding duvets on both the sides of your bed. This styling creates a comfortable space, making your bed look luxurious and chic. Throw a contrasting combo of pillows and add a bed rug to the folded neutral-colored duvets which will enhance the rice look of your room.





bedroom corners

To get that perfect hospital corner start by setting the fitted sheet and start tucking the top sheet beneath the mattress. Hold the excess fabric and place it on the top of the mattress. Fold the edge of the sheet forming a 45º angle. Tuck and adjust the folded fabric edge along the side of the mattress. Repeat the same technique for all the corners and throw in a bunch of colorful pillows and a duvet cover or quilt.



Here’s what a few of our homeowners have asked us

How can I make my bed look cozy and comfy?

A cozy and aesthetically comfortable bed is a daily requirement. Start by installing an extra soft, fluffy mattress and pillows and coordinate it with a neutral colored sheet. The reason to go for a light and neutral color is to give a positive and calming vibe to your room. Make sure your bed is neat and organized. While sleeping, remove the extra pair of pillows and make more space for yourself. Adding an essential oil diffuser can enhance the vibe and help you sleep better.


How can I add a decorative element to my bed?

Start by choosing a subtle and restful shade. By adding a beautiful piece of art above the bed, you can create the focal point of the room. If you have a traditional style bedroom, spread those fairy lights to add a touch of modernity. Create a pretty contrast with the linens and pillows and shine it with a side lamp.


How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs can completely ruin your bed and are a huge sign of an unhygienic bed. First things first, start by thoroughly washing your linens, pillow covers, comforters, etc with hot water. Use a firm brush to clean the mattress. Once done with the cleaning, vacuum the bed to get rid of bedbugs and their eggs completely. Cover your mattress with a tightly woven zipped cover to keep the bedbugs from entering again. Lastly, keep your bed clutter-free and if infested, always replace it with a new one.


How to dress a bed?

There are a thousand ways to dress a bed. The most common method is to cover your mattress with a bedsheet and throw a few pairs of pillows and add a comforter or a blanket or a duvet cover for the final touch. You can follow the above-mentioned details to create more style and elegance.


Blanket or quilt? What TO CHOOSE?

The blanket is a thick, rectangular, single layer covering that keeps one warm. On the other hand, a quilt is a 3 layered covering with the top layer is pieced fabric, the middle layer is called batting/ wadding and is thick and fluffy, and the bottom layer is similar to the top layer fabric. All three layers are stitched together following a process called quilting. They are usually thicker and heavier than blankets and are quite helpful during winters. Though, it completely depends on what you choose because both of them have their own purpose and use.


What’s your way of styling your bed?
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