There are a lot of variations and options for a sofa in the market today. Having said that, choosing the right sofa may not be as easy as you think it is. There are a lot of aspects like fabric, colour, style, comfort, durability, suspension, upholstery and ensuring it fits the dimensions of your room perfectly before choosing the right sofa. A sofa is the highlight of your living room. But there are a lot of factors that influences the dynamics of any living space. The sofa in your living room ought to be a piece of art. It should turn heads and be a piece of admiration. Not only is it the centre of attraction in your living room but is also injects a lot of character and drama in the ambience of the room. The size of your apartment, the living room and the number of members in your family also need to be factorised before choosing the right sofa set. You can choose from L-shaped sofa or a sectional sofa if you have a bigger space, as it will justify filling up the space and accommodate a lot of people during your social gatherings. However, if there is space constraint, you can always choose between a 2-seater or a 3-seater sofa. Always consider the proportion of your sofa to the room. We recommend to take proper measurements before deciding what kind, shape or form of sofa you wish to purchase. The fabric of the sofa plays a very prominent role for your living room. You can pick from different materials like leather sofas, leatherette sofas or fabric sofas. You should be cautious before selecting the fabric as it can cause an effect to the look and feel of your living space to a great extent. Also, while deciding the fabric you should consider the comfort the finish would provide for your family or guests. If luxury is what you admire, you can choose from a wide range of Italian sofas from Würfel. Leather sofas are like an investment to a beautiful home which you wouldn’t change for a long time to come. However, if you wish to keep up with all the new trends in home interiors and wish to play around with the look and feel of the room, we would say, go for a neutral fabric. That way it wouldn’t stand out and you can keep updating your home interiors by refreshing pillow and cushions that go on the sofa. The colour of the sofa can change the whole dynamics of the room. A sapphire green sofa or a Prussian blue sofa can become the focal point of any living room thereby becoming the highlight. A grey sofa however balances out the ambience of a bright living room, leading one to explore the complimentary aspects and décor in the room. Even the slightest change of colour can make a lot of difference. You can also choose between a fixed 2-seater or 3-seater sofas or go with the trending modular sofas. Modular sofas are basically a combination of smaller sofas which can be arranged in different combinations based on your lifestyle and requirement. These sofas give a very casual look to the living room and adds a lot of convenience for the family. Modular sofas are recommended for those families who have the sporadic visits of guests and get-togethers of friends and colleagues. Choose from a wide collection of Italian sofas from Würfel. They offer a great place to relax or hang out and make lasting memories.

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From unique foot designs to luxurious quilting patterns, rich vibrant colours or soft pastels, there is a wide array of sofas in each size, shape and make to create a beautiful Würfel home. L-shaped or corner sofas, the ultra luxe Italian collection or 2 plus and 3 plus seater sofas make this Sofa collection a splendid one!