Many people are not aware of what an ottoman is actually used for and it is often perceived as a trivial addition to a bedroom. An ottoman is a padded and upholstered versatile piece of home furniture that can have a back or not. They were introduced in Europe back in the 18th Century from Turkey. They serve multiple purposes, the basic being a footrest or a stool. As a rule, it is what upholsterers call "overstuffed", meaning no wood is visible and adds a very glamourous touch to your home décor. An ottoman is often used as an accent piece that compliments other pieces of furniture. Ottomans with their versatility can be used in a formal or casual setting. The most basic function and use of an ottoman would be that of a foot stool. Nothing feels better than to put your feet up on a comfy surface after a long, tiring day. Imagine kicking back and relaxing with your feet on an ottoman, with your favourite TV show on. The ottoman was created for just this purpose. Get an ottoman for your sofa and make your feet happier than they have ever felt! You can even add an ottoman to the foot of your bed, just ensure that it’s the same colour as that of the beds linens to avoid clashing colours. It’s the perfect place to pile your pillows. It gives a classy and elegant touch to your bedroom. Ottomans are a great idea for apartments for shared seating area. Ottomans give the options of versatility to add seating to the shared space, or just leave alone and when pushed up against a wall with pillows can now transform into a couch. We’ve all gone through that exasperating moment when we have more guests than seating to offer to them all. The ottoman makes an ideal transition from foot rest to seating. And trust us, they will be as comfortable as they are on the ottoman as they are on the sofa. An ottoman also acts as a storage unit. Every family has the need to store small items in either the living rooms or bedrooms. The ottoman that comes with a storage space, allows you to store away items like stuffed toys or even books. Ottomans with a hinged top make the best storage that is handy and disguises itself beautifully. This way, you have space for your things without clutter. These days, ottomans are being used as the centerpiece for living rooms purely for aesthetic purposes. Ottomans can be transformed into pieces of décor, with some rich textiles, it can add to opulence in your home! They are flexible in both style and design and there are many types available in the market for you to choose from. Ottomans can also be used as a vanity chair and is considered to add a touch of luxury to the room as one. Ottomans in recent years have become larger, and more versatile to serve as coffee tables as well. Instead of investing in a coffee table, you can easily place a tray on the ottoman and it serves as a coffee table and is as sturdy as one too! Würfel offers ottomans in a variety of colours and finishes, so come find the one that suits your style today!