Comfort and luxury are the two most important factors that are taken into view while decorating the home with beautifully furniture units. Speaking of the bedroom furniture to overcome your luxury and relaxed nights the two essentials are a master bed and a bedside table. In today’s current trend, a bedroom is not just a place where you sleep after coming from a long hectic working day rather it has become a solace for many people. It’s a place where one can kick back and relax and enjoy some personal time. Some of the main components to keep in mind while choosing a night stand are its height, the light source and the style. Night stands are a very crucial piece of furniture in the bedroom though many people tend to disagree with this. A night stand or bedside table is one of the most functional pieces of furniture. Imagine you’ve nicely tucked yourself in bed and have your reading glasses on and realize you’ve forgotten your book! The pain of getting out of bed and finding your book in that state is one no one wants to go through. It can help you reach for items like a book, a night lamp, your glasses etc. without getting up from the bed. There are different types of bedside table available. You can opt for a simple table with legs, or you could go with a table with storage. Tables with storage allows you to store magazines, newspapers, and small items that are needed daily. The basic function of a nightstand is to have things within your reach before and after you fall asleep. A reading lamp placed on the nightstand is one of the most functional uses of this piece of furniture. It can also be used to place electronic gadgets like your mobile phone or maybe if you’re old school and alarm clock! You can even accessorize your bedside table with a photo frame or to keep a glass of water on. Apart from being extremely functional, a nightstand can also improve the aesthetics of the room. It can compliment the bed as well as help you organize the clutter in the room. A nightstand is constructed to complete your bed. It provides a feel of an anchor when the bed is placed in the middle of the room. If you have a TV in your bedroom then having a bedside table is beneficial for you with the ability to properly hold all your snacks and drinks. If it is constructed of wood, remember to keep a coaster with you when placing warm drinks such as coffee or tea to avoid ring marks forming on it. A nightstand also becomes your best friend while working from home, it’s a convenient place to place your laptops or files while working in bed. Nightstands are elegant pieces of furniture which sit beside the bed and enhances the look of a bedroom by making it look complete. We at Würfel have a number of night stands available and in multiple colours and finishes and make for ideal storage to suit your style and personality.