Using a console table as an entry table is a great way to welcome guests into your home as soon they enter. Console tables work well in dining rooms especially and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Console tables have a slim profile and do not occupy much floor space, which makes it a must have furniture for homes. They also have storage space, so for all those dishes that are not used every day or maybe those dining room linens and mats, they can easily be stored away in the storage unit of the console table. They provide the perfect opportunity to set the tone for your home and add style that you, your friends and family can enjoy while having a meal in the dining room. They are the perfect unit to display some family pictures in frames or even just place some artifacts on. Console tables also act as a secondary table to keep your dishes on while having guests over. A dining table may not suffice in case you’ve prepared a number of dishes. If you want to make the console table more attractive in your dining room, opt-in for a small basket. Keep fruits or any other belongings in this basket. Since this table acts as a fantastic storage option, you can make use of many bowls and baskets of various sizes for storing anything you want to. Baskets help to bring out a certain kind of sophistication in the dining room when paired with a console table. Miniature and delicate figurines of fairies, dolls or gnomes are excellent choices you can make to decorate the console table. These are generally used for standalone placement against a wall. The dining console is designed to provide ample storage for your formal and special occasion dishes, flatware, and linens you'd usually use in a dining room. It also serves as a surface area for placing dishes or trays of food. The console comes with shutters of different finishes and legs. The handles come in unique designs here at Würfel. The dining console are best accessorized with a console mirror. The mirror adds a touch of elegance to the whole dining room space. The frame of the mirror can really compliment the dining room console, so ensure you always choose one that goes with your homes décor. Prussian blues, pale pinks and deep greens. Würfel Living dining consoles are truly one of a kind and are a treat to the eyes in any dining space!