Research suggests that an average employee spends over 3,000 hours in a year, sitting on his/her office chair. With this high work hour rate spent sitting on an office chair, we should always choose them wisely so that it doesn’t hurt our health in any way. With the numerous variety of office chair options available in the market it is very easy to get confused. You can choose the right office chair for yourself by understanding the significance of the chair and to do that, you need to research thoroughly before deciding to make a purchase. It might seem easy to just pick and choose an office chair, but the choosing the right quality of chair will make a lot of difference in your work output directly or indirectly. Whether you need the office chair for your office setup or home office setup, with so many choices, selecting the right office chair that meets your budget can be challenging. So, which office chair is right for me? Well, to answer that you have to consider a few facts before choosing the right one. Office chairs have evolved a lot over time from the standard swivel options. We now have options of posture chairs or executive chairs which provides you with the ultimate sense of comfort and a great investment for your home office setup. Office chairs come in a wide variety of styles and ergonomics. Let’s talk about a few to know them better. Task chairs, also widely known as computer chairs are probably ones’ first choice while selecting an office chair. A standard task chair would include features like a gas lift to adjust the appropriate height for you. More progressive task chairs comprise of features like headrests, lumbar support, adjustable armrests, adjustable backs and not to forget a seat pad which is ergonomically designed. A medium back office chair is the most widely used option which not only supports your back but also the lower back as well along with the shoulder blade part of the back so that one can simply lean back in the chair without causing any strain to the neck. An office chair which takes such good care of your back and posture is an ideal option to go for. The high back chairs generally give you the options of more personalized features compared to the low back or medium back office chairs. The best part is the headrest on the high back chairs which gives support to the upper back allowing the neck to relax whenever required. The headrest on high back chairs provides support for your upper back by allowing you to relax your neck whenever you want to. With so many benefits, you can definitely count on this high back chair. These kind of chairs give you great comfort and a sitting posture during long hours at work. Always consider the benefits of buying an office chair that has been ergonomically designed. It is designed to work according to the postures of the body providing the right support and improved posture, thus maximizing the level of comfort during long work hours. The right office chair will help you to increase your productivity as sitting in a poorly design chair will cause nagging, back pain and discomfort. In the constant pursuit to find the right comfortable position to sit, it can cause an effect on your concentration thus having a negative impact on your work. An ergonomically design chair that takes the shape of your body will keep you more relaxed and increase your concentration level leading to better work productivity. Choose from our wide range of ergonomically designed office chairs to give your body the right back support.