You’ve picked out a kitchen without any incident. Your spouse and you are feeling pretty smug about your choice. It’s a world-class European design, there are ample amounts of cabinet storage space and it’s just what you pictured for your home. You cast judgemental looks at the couple fighting down the aisle. It’s all very rosy and happily ever after. And then it happens. The small matter of deciding which colour to go with?

Among the reservoir of husband-wife arguments, picking a colour ranks somewhere near the top. It’s a time when underhand tactics like emotional blackmailing and digging up past arguments come to the fore. Crimson red or vermilion red? Lemon yellow or royal yellow? It’s a tough call, considering the ideal shade is somewhere that’s a little bit of both, and on top of that, retailers only offer a limited range of colours. So someone (the husband) always has to compromise.

For such couples, we have some good news. Wurfel now offers infinite shades to choose from, available on any modular kitchen you buy from us. Whether you want it to match with those beige curtains or your favourite pink sari, we’ve got it all. Just walk into your nearest Wurfel showroom and tell us which colour you’d like, we’ll customize it for you and bring you the

Check out the video below to see the kind of stuff people have been bringing.

To get a closer look at our colours and other innovations we bring to the world of modular
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