It’s a scientific fact that colours affect moods. And since the colours we choose to live in can definitely affect how we act, think, and feel, we should certainly choose wisely when choosing a room’s colour scheme. Colour is a powerful tool that can influence both mood and physiological reactions. It’s definitely possible to make any single colour work in your home – it’s all in how other colours and materials are incorporated with it. But how do you develop a cohesive colour palette? When choosing the colour temperature for a space, always consider the size of the room. Using a warm colour in a tight room could make things feel a little claustrophobic. However, using cool colours in a spacious room could leave things feeling stark. Featured here are some of the many delightfully colourful kitchens along with examples of colour palettes inspired by the kitchens.   In the kitchen above we have an island kitchen with a white poly lacquer finish. The island features a marble countertop to break the monotony and to add a pop of colour, the use of suede blue fabric on the high stools gives a very classy and chic look to the entire kitchen.   This island kitchen, is a gorgeous mix of a White Lacquered Glass, Grey Stone and a Premium Vanilla Eiche finish, giving a very contemporary feel. It portrays a very simple yet grand look to the kitchen! The grey coloured bison wall merges well with the grey shutters below the countertop giving it a well-balanced colour scheme.   The special feature in the kitchen displayed above, if you observe on the right side is an extended breakfast counter which with the use of Nano technology produce a scratch free Royal Island Kitchen. The blue nano technology adds a splash of colour to the white lacquered glass shutters. This vibrant kitchen is a timeless classic. With the use of Nano technology, this linear kitchen has a laminate finish and lasts literally a lifetime! Eye catchy and easy to maintain, what more could you ask for? The blue brings out the life in the kitchen against the plain laminate and beige nano shutters which would catch anyone’s attention! 7 star modular kitchen This lacquer crafted beauty features an L shaped with an island design. This aristocratic kitchen is nothing short of royal! For those of you who have space constraints, this kitchen would do well in terms of optimizing storage space. The white lacquer shutters and countertop blend in well with the veneer finish shelves and cabinets. You can enhance this colour combination with splashes of red and yellow trinkets. L shaped kitchen   This L – Shaped kitchen is ideal for those of you who love the artsy side of life. With its Mediterranean blue nano technology finish, it sets the mood to a relaxed and laid back one. With veneer, open shelves and lacquer shutters. Not to mention the quartz countertops only adds to the glamour and compliments the blue shutters! peninsular kitchen This is a unique kitchen layout, with its peninsular nano finish.  This is a very social kitchen, as you can see there is plenty of space for a seating arrangement and creates extra work space. It gives space for the whole family to pitch in with cooking a meal without getting in each other’s way and making it a family activity! The nano finish in beige merges well with the white laminate shutters and the colour of the dado. classic modular kitchren A classic design with a contemporary finish adding a panache to the décor of a home. With its five-piece laminate finish and linear layout, this kitchen allows ample space to move around and easy maintenance. The laminate finish shutters blend well with the tiles used in the dado, to give it a pleasant and soothing sight to the eye. This lacquer and synchronized laminate finish island kitchen warms your heart at first glance with its cherry pop red coloured chairs. The luscious lacquer, laminate and grains create a beautiful landscape of browns and whites. It gives a very homely feel and engages conversation with its breakfast counter attached to the island. This truly is a family kitchen indeed! This L – Shaped island kitchen balances both functionality and aesthetics, with a sleek and polished look. The kitchen sports a lacquer, veneer and glass finish. The hanging breakfast counter and open shelves with its veneer against the white glass dado and lacquer shutters gives a very edgy look for all those who love to experiment with their kitchen designs! full glass kitchen Finally, this is a full glass kitchen with a mellow olive green and a white base. This island kitchen has a touch of nature to it. You can add indoor plants to give it a more earthy and outdoorsy feel. Now that you have had a peek into the diverse colour combinations that you can implement into your kitchen designs, we hope your journey of choosing the right colour palette for your kitchen will be a fun and an enjoyable experience!

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