Art forms

If cooking is an art, isn’t it a good idea to surround the art studio called the kitchen with creativity. The Würfel Art Form Series inspires you to add a touch of art to this humble space in the home. This exclusive kitchen series allows you to have a personal touch and reflects the personality of the entire family and not just one person. Kitchens are usually packed with gadgets and wall space is usually sparse. The Würfel Art Form Series allows you to digitally print art work on the shutters of your cabinets. It gives your artwork its due, as it is positioned on the shutters which are usually to focal point of a kitchen as it’s closer to the interaction area like the breakfast table or work island. This is an extremely innovative way of adding art to your kitchen. It helps you reflect your taste in art through your kitchen.


The technology of digital printing has now reached the glass industry, giving the option to have almost anything digitally printed on glass. From photo to patterns, any image now can be printed on glass. Have your personal art work printed and mounted in the most stunning way. The permanent products are created by applying ceramic inks on the glass surface after which heat is applied to the glass to encapsulate its life. Our prints are created with state of the art digital printing equipment allowing you to customize your kitchen in a way no other brand has. The end result is bound to be that of having a stunning impact on anyone who lay their eyes on it. We offer high-quality, direct-to-glass digital printing that provide stunning color, vibrancy, and dimension without sacrificing functionality. Adding other creative options like providing background colours and etching allow us to adjust and add anything your mind can imagine!


The art form series is created on an 18mm thickness laminate board on top of which a 4mm glass is placed. This glass can either be plain or coloured glass as per your décor style or preference. The only difference between the two is where the coloured glass can be painted the colour of your choice on the backside of the glass to give a background colour to your art work.

Your choice of art will now find a place in your kitchen facade. Whether it’s your hand drawn art or any art that has struck your eye, Würfel now helps you showcase it at the heart of your home, your kitchen.