All you need to know about Laminates from types to cost!

Laminates are among the most widely used surfacing materials, suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. Laminate sheets can be used to enhance the appeal of all types of surfaces, including walls and furniture. They not only offer a great way to beautify your spaces, but also provide strength and protection to your property’s elements.

What is Laminate finish?

Any search for materials to use during kitchen remodeling is incomplete without considering laminate finishes. Laminate is a material that is durable, affordable and customizable. It is made by pressing together layers of heavy-duty paper with a compound known as melamine, which hardens into a resin. This solid veneer, can be covered in a thin decorative layer. Manufacturers can print any type of decorative design on these finishes. Normally, a wood grain pattern is used, but the possibilities are endless. As a final touch, a layer of clear protective coating is applied.

Different types of laminates

Synchronized Laminates

Synchronized Laminates are a replacement of natural wood or veneer made with design paper. They have a perfectly embossed texture.

Textured Laminates

Normally there will be grooves that you can feel on textured laminates. These laminates are available in an array of finishes.

Plain Laminates

Plain Laminates are the most traditional laminates that are still high demand in the laminate market of India. They are available in many colours and finishes. Plain laminates offer an authentic soothing look that no other laminate, veneer or plywood can replicate. 

Decorative Laminates

Decorative Laminates are tough sheets, widely used to layer over wood, for example on table tops, wood panels, or other wooden furniture. The sheets have a decorative surface and come in a wide variety of colours, designs and textures.

What are the colour and pattern options?

We offer 31 different plain laminate colours that come in a matt finish. Synchronized laminate comes in 11 different colours and a matt finish.

What sizes do they come in?

Laminate boards are cut and resized as per requirement for wall panels and boards. Doing this & making a particular size of the board, the wastage is minimal.

How durable is laminate?

Laminate finish is durable and resistant to scratches, moisture and it is easy to maintain.

How much does it cost?

Laminates are the most pocket friendly finish that one can find. It is a beautiful finish at a very basic cost.

How to maintain a laminate finish?

When it comes to cleaning laminate finish products, some soap and water is more than enough to give it a fresh look. Using a microfiber cloth and some warm water, wipe down the surface. This is more than enough to remove any dust and dirt that may have collected on the surface.

When to use laminate?

Laminates based on their finish is widely used for kitchen cabinets and furniture or flooring.  

The Namib kitchen comes in a laminate and synchronized laminate finish which is the most basic finish we offer, however, in no way does it lack in style or class. They make a great choice for contemporary kitchens with sleek looks, modern accents and dramatic contrasting finishes. They also offer other benefits to homeowners, such as being less likely to fade, improved resistance to scratches, more durability, and cleaning up with ease. Synchronized laminate gives the real feeling of natural wood. The maintenance cost of synchronized laminates is much low as compared to natural veneer.

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