Gaius Plinius Secundus once said “Home is where the Heart is”, who would have thought after almost two thousand years the phrase given by the Roman author would be a message for the society to ponder over. Also, beautifully rephrased by our very own ‘King of Rock & Roll’ Elvis Presley, “we don’t require a mansion uphill or any valour to describe our home. It only begins and ends with the people, the family living inside it and who hold it together”. Speaking of some features of a home, it keeps us warm, provides us safety from the unknown, the place we make memories with friends and family, it’s the place we make our own. But besides all the above features, it provides a special place which is responsible for up-keep of our health and well-being. It can also be termed as the most playful part of the house. Someone correctly said “While life maybe created in the bedroom, but it certainly lives in the Kitchen – making it the Heart of the House.” Kitchens from being just sticks and wood fire in the beginning saw themselves change to metal cauldrons which further required a steadier fixture to hold on to, for a better experience. Likewise, as the size of the family began to grow it saw a major change as they needed to hold more inventory to feed more people. Hence, kitchens from being a mere work station transformed into a total separate entity in the house which had to prepare as well as stock enough to sustain the requirement.

Art of designing the Kitchen

    We’ve experienced how the influx of concept arts or abstracts have strongly influenced the society. Everyone knows Monalisa right? The masterpiece from Leonardo da Vinci is termed as the most valuable piece of art today and contains some special features that stand out and make it unique, be it the eye placement or the mischievous smile. Streamlining and putting every piece of the jigsaw puzzle in place has become an indigenous part of any design statement. Then Why Not Kitchens? Though today kitchens have moved from being a box where you cook to luxuriant open plan kitchens with a playful counter space you host as you cook! Kitchens can inspire a life of parties and a life of being on a cooking show perpetually! Beautification has no end but a healthy and positive space is a must. The one thing that makes your kitchen go from drab to fab is the shutters. Shutters today are not only used for decoration but often for protection. Shutters have come a long way and are now available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes.  

Things to keep in mind while choosing shutters:



Initially, these were made from wood stuck on together later with pasting sheets of laminates over hard wood to give it a brighter look instead of the rustic barks. But with roses comes thorns as well, regular use of such material posed a problem of bloating eventually due to high moisture and humid environment in the kitchen. To maximise the use and minimise the damage to the product, these laminates sheets were processed along with the initial wood making to give it a single entity effect, hence with proper edge banding the scope of water seepage and bloating eventually minimised. Now, there are various qualities available depending on your usage and environment choose water-resistant 360 edge banded shutters for long-lasting deal.


Shutters can make a statement on their own. There are a wide variety of finishes and colours to choose from but first identify who is going to be the end user of your kitchen. In this post pandemic era, the answer most likely is going to be all members of the family including the help. More users, more wear & tear and therefore, one must preferably choose finishes that will last for example laminate, stone, lacquer, glass or self-healing shutters. ‌In order to add glamour, people tend to go with lacquering them with vibrant colours or adding some glass shutter to give a mix and match appeal to it overall creating an ambience which looks much more than just a cooking station. While laminate and stone are hardy, self-healing shutters are our favourite. Self-healing kitchen shutters give you the freedom of not worrying about minor scratches from regular use as you can just rub them away.   Some modular brands will also have customised options for shutter finish and if you are looking for something unique it is a good idea to explore the option.

Sizing up the requirements:

    Now, this is important that measurements are done by the experts only as, depending on the material of the shutter measurement process would be different. Most modular kitchen solution companies will provide a professional for the job. Before you get the measurement done ensure that you decide on handle profile to go with the finish of your choice for shutters. The length of the shutter would depend on the handle profile fixture chosen.


Shutters are available in various styles. Primarily, plane solid shutters, Victorian shutters, rolling shutters and accordion shutters. While you should choose, depending on the style that works best with your house, do think about regular usage and maintenance. Plain and solid shutters are definitely the most widely used for obvious ease of maintenance.  If you need more advice on shutters and types of finishes available feel free to check our website!

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