The term after sales support basically refers to the service that is provided after a customer purchases a product. Most of these services include a guarantee, warranty, repair or replacement service. After sales service also includes the relationship that a brand or company has with the customer post the purchase of their product throughout the life cycle of the product or service.

After sales support encompasses a wide array of services that cater to consumers. It is designed to assist a customer in using a product correctly, which could generate repeat customers, develop brand loyalty among customers and ensure customer satisfaction. The concept of after sales service is as important as sales. It increases the goodwill of the organization in the market and amongst the customers.

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Customers who are satisfied will have sincere ties with you and become your loyal customers. This is something we strongly believe in. Most companies lack with this regard. One of the important things one needs to remember for after sales servicing is ensuring that the customer is aware of the nature of the company’s after sales service.

When a customer has purchased a product, it is the duty of the company or brand to update the customer about the status of the transit of their goods. A periodic follow needs to be maintained with the delivery team to ensure that the goods are delivered on time.

Once the products have been delivered, the brand must ensure that the installation team reaches the site for timely installation and not keep the customer waiting. Providing a demonstration is also a part of installation wherein the customer service team install the product and demonstrate the functions of the product. Providing good installation services starts in the customer and customer service relations on a good note.

The most common type of after sales service provided by almost every company for almost every product is the warranty service. Warranty services include repairing replacement of selected parts for a selected period of time. Different companies have different policies for their products.

Warranty services are perhaps the best types of after sales service. Some companies provide a service of extended warranty wherein the customer can pay a little extra and get the warranty extended for a limited duration.

In case the customer has any issues with the product where it requires the brand to repair or replace the product, the company must ensure quick action from their side.

Companies have started providing online support for any of the product related queries. There is a dedicated helpline for customer service where the customer can express their grievance and they are attended to according to the standard procedure of the company. The customer may call the online support or chat as per his or her comfort, discuss the problem and get it resolved.

Some companies provide free replacement of the product within a limited period of time from the day of purchase. However, this is with certain terms and conditions. In some cases, replacement may be of the entire device, or in other cases, replacement may be only of the defective part.

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