Choosing the right color for your house is a never-ending process. You might decide upon something but your family wants something else. But by adding a few creative changes in your living room, you can create a completely unique living room piece. Somethings the best color combinations can entirely change the entire theme and mood of the house. And the living room is your personal space where most of your socializing take place. So, it needs to be up-to-date. To create the best, here are a few living room painting ideas that will add a creative texture to your space.  


Create a pop texture by painting one wall of your living room with a bright color. This will add a real punch of splash to your living room and will set it as a center focal point. If you have a pale-colored room, then this is the perfect choice to add an extra splash. Choose a bold color and contrast it with the neutral tone of the room. You can also add a subtle tone artwork to coordinate the look.  


  One can never go wrong with greens! Add a bunch of green plants or even flowers to add color, fragrance and style to your room. Indoor plants have many benefits; they not only purify the air inside a room but also enhance the overall look of your living room. If you’re busy and can’t manage to take care of them, simply go for some creative artificial ones. But, if you can maintain then indoor plants like Peace Lilies, Money Plant, Areca Plant or a Spider Plant are highly recommended. .  

Play with the lights

  Your choice of lighting can really affect the tone and theme of your living room. To add a point of interest, select a colorful lamp or whimsical lighting to brighten up the space. Choose a medium-sized bright colored lamp and place it near your sofa set to create an effect. You can also go for DIYs to add an artistic charm to your lamps.  

Create a bright wall art

  Adding artistic elements to your home decor can change the entire theme of the room. Select one wall and throw some bright artistic paintings or wall arts to create the color magic. You can also create a gallery wall by hanging all your favorite pictures or create a wall pattern by hanging frames of your favorite quotes. This way you can make your living room look more elegant and artictic.  

Work on the floors

  Throw some bright shades on your living room floor by adding a colorful rug. You can also place it under your furniture or ottoman to enhance the look. If you have a neutral theme, a colorful rug is just what you need. Moreover, you can also add bright colorful pillows to your sofa set to create a vivid contrast.  

Create a bright flow with the curtains

  Your choice of curtains can really add a personality to your room. To make your dull room look bright, go for darker curtains. Bright colored curtains can bring a twist in the neutral theme. You can add a bright red or metallic texture to bring a complete change in your living room.   Here’s what a few of our homeowners have asked us: How can I add a bright color tone to my white living room? Add a dark tone to one of your living room walls or throw some art pieces to balance the look. You can also make some changes with the furniture decor by adding a few dark-colored pillows or a dark fabric chair. You can also add some green plants to create a fresh and positive vibe.   What are the best colors for the living room? The living room being the centerpiece of the house needs full attention. The choice of colors you pick can really affect the entire personality of your house. Some of the trending colors that can help you get the best look are crimson and sage, vibrant blue and yellow, green grass and tangerine, emerald and cantaloupe, blush and sky blue, etc. You can create a neutral as well as a bright combination with these shades.     How can I make my living room look bigger? You can go for soft, neutral colors or offline white colors to make your living room look spacious. A lighter tone will always make your room look bigger and inviting. You can also add the contrast element picking a slightly darker tone against the soft neutral one.   How do I choose the best color for my living room? The first thing is to know what you want to create. Decide the mood that you want to create in your living room. Look out for natural lights to create a calm and cozy setting. Once you are aware of what theme and mood you want to set, it further becomes easier for you to choose the right color. It is always advisable to go for soft, neutral colors as they help you make your room look bigger.   Can I choose a light blue tone for my living room? Yes. Colors like blue, white, off white or pink, add a calming texture to your room making you feel relaxed and serene. Neutral colors are always an ideal choice if you want to create a calming, positive effect.   What color combination would you create in your living room? Let us know in the comments section below.

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