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Modular kitchens are all about the variety in textures and finishes and the aesthetics, as well as their functional vitality; with more emphasis on the work triangle.
A modular kitchen must look beautiful, but must also give enough functionality and comforts. Modular kitchen provides you with the comfortability to physically shift the complete kitchen interior during the time shifting of your home. With this, you can get customization as per the new home which you have shifted, without having tension about damaging other parts. The kitchen in the image is an island kitchen with a classic lacquer finish with laminate counter tops. An island kitchen is a trending modular kitchen design. It gives good functionality and the cherry-on-top is that it adds style to your kitchen.

The Weber island has a hob so it allows you to use the countertop place for food preparations and storage, etc. There are also stools placed strategically around the counter top of the island, meaning that this wonderful addition to the modular kitchen interior is multi-functional. It can also be used as a table or a spot to relax and chill while you have friends over. We can add hi-tech appliances with a simple and easy mechanism like dishwasher, fridge, in-built oven, lift-up shutters, tall pull-out, etc. These will work together hand-in-hand to make it easy and comfortable for you to work. The island in the picture has a hob unit with a ceiling chimney to get rid of any fumes that arise while cooking.

An island creates an opportunity for additional storage. Deep drawers, cabinets and even a spot for the microwave free up the need for perimeter cabinets, allowing you to instead have open shelves or a window. The island in the picture has pull out drawers and open shelves that have plenty of space to store your extra utensils and also display frames, figurines or even keep small house hold plants.

The Weber modular kitchen also has a combination of white colour lacquer finish shutters that provides extra storage space. Some of these shutters have glass panes which is ideal to display all your fancy Chinaware. The classic lacquer finish on the shutters has a classic look and adds significantly to the ambiance of the kitchen interior. Functionally, it is hassle-free to clean & maintain and hygienic as well. It is also durable and remains unaffected by moisture & scratches.

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