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The Victorian era was known for its interpretation and eclectic revival of historic styles united with the introduction of middle east and Asian influences in furniture, fittings and interior decoration.
Victorian modular kitchens feature ornate detailing, rich colours and an old-fashioned charm that dates back to the period when Queen Victoria reigned. One of the hallmarks of Victorian modular kitchen designs are open kitchens. Taking its inspiration from the elegant and romantic Victorian era in Europe, the Victorian kitchen seen in the image features luxurious materials, colours, style and elegance.

The Würfel Victorian modular kitchen features an island kitchen design. The island kitchen layout is ideal for families or if you’re a social butterfly and enjoy entertaining guests. It’s also a great space for children to do their homework or for friends to enjoy a glass wine perhaps! The tall bar stools act as the perfect seating arrangement when you have friends or family over. The island also allows you to add various kitchen appliances as well. The island in the Victorian modular kitchen comes with an extendable breakfast counter with a laminate finish. This is an automatic mechanism where at the press of a button, it extends into a beautiful breakfast counter. The island also has open shelves with a laminate finish, which makes it the perfect spot to keep a photo frame or an indoor plant.

The cabinetry during the Victorian era featured open shelving or glass doors so that you could display your favourite collections of dishware or glassware. The preferred colour schemes in Victorian kitchens features accent colours like light blues, yellows and rose pinks to enhance the romantic feel of that era. Würfel’s Victorian modular kitchen cabinets have a classic style blue extra matt lacquer finish with mirror finish on the glass. The kitchen design also has wall cabinets that come in the same classic style white extra matt lacquer but with clear glass. The blue and white of the cabinets of the modular kitchen make the ambience neat and chic, keeping this kitchen design versatile and fresh. The hues of blue and white blend seamlessly and make this kitchen a magnificent remake of an actual Victorian era kitchen! To accentuate the pieces of artifacts or cutlery you keep inside these cabinets, you can add spot lights with either a warm yellow or white light. They work well with the shutters and accentuate the entire look of the kitchen. These cabinets offer more than enough storage space and keep the kitchen clutter free.

The image also shows the use of inbuilt appliances, which fit in seamlessly with the design adding a modern touch to the kitchen as a whole. Integrated appliances give a clean and elegant feel, blending functionality as well as a contemporary touch to the kitchen. The integrated oven and microwave in this modular kitchen makes cooking much easier and efficient. They also make cleaning your kitchen much more easier and you don’t have any gaps between the units where dirt and grime can collect.

Do you want a kitchen that’s fit for royalty? Then the Victorian kitchen design is bound to enchant you with its beauty! You can get a free design quote by filling the form below or drop us an email at Würfel is India’s biggest modular kitchen and wardrobe brand in India with 37 showrooms across the country. It was also awarded the best modular kitchen brand by Times Business award consecutively for 2018, 2019 & 2020. Würfel was also awarded the most Innovative Kitchen award by India Kitchen Congress consecutively in the year of 2019 and 2020.

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