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Fancy the outdoors much? Love the feel of nature?
Well we have just the kitchen for you! The Vera as the name suggests emits a warm, fluttery feel of summer all year round! This modular kitchen design will give you butterflies every time you enter with its soft tones of green paired with white! Green helps assist with attention and aid in restful times while stressed. Green is a wonderful color for kitchen interiors, green is also related to nature and health. Leafy colors convey the outside in and have a tendency to add a feel of nutritional value to the whole thing, regardless of its actual nature!

The Vera comes in an island kitchen design, an island is a freestanding piece of cabinetry that is placed in a kitchen to supplement the countertop space. It gives a contemporary style and modern touch to the modular kitchen. It is equally common to feature elevated stools along the non-cooking-preparation side of the island as a supplemental dining area. The counter can be used for having breakfast, lunch or dinner, and can become an ideal space to engage kids in fun and interactive cooking activities. This plan is great for open modern kitchen designs and offers ample space to entertain guests as well.

The finish used on this kitchen interior is lacquered glass, giving it a very sleek and elegant look. It is highly durable and resists UV radiation, so the colour does not fade during its lifetime. Due to its shiny and reflective surface, back painted glass reflects light back and thus creates brighter space, optimizing the use of artificial lights. This modular kitchen has got the brains and the brawns! The shutters are a mix of both green and white giving a very soothing effect to all who are in the area! There is plenty of storage space as we can see with a gola profile handle. Gola profile handles are handles that are not visible which adds to the polished look of the kitchen interior. The dado is a darker shade but with a lacquered glass finish giving it a grand look. The dado and shutters are accompanied with soft lights illuminating the countertop which aid the lacquered glass finish in giving a classy and upscale appearance.

This kitchen is apt for those of you who love hosting kitty parties or have frequent visitors. You can talk to your guests and be a good host while cooking at the same time! Neither the guests nor you are confined to a specific place. Adding a few house plants to this kind of a kitchen design accentuates the entire mood the kitchen tries to simulate. The modern glimpse that you come across in this modular kitchen is seen in the in-built appliances. Built-in appliances give a sleek and sophisticated look to your kitchen interior. With a built-in microwave and oven, you’ll always have a lot of counter space as well as the look of sophistication. In-built appliances are considered mandatory for modular kitchens these days as they make life more comfortable and easier in today’s frenzied schedules of a family. They are hassle free and easy to maintain! The hob if you notice on the counter-top in this kitchen design, is a built-in glass hob. This kitchen design also has an integrated refrigerator which highlights the seamless look of the kitchen interior.

So come on over to our Würfel Küche showroom to savour this work of art!

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