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Traditional kitchens tend to compromise when it comes to space and utilities.
However, with the evolution of kitchens over time, new age modular kitchens have erased these compromises. Every inch of space in a kitchen is utilized to its maximum, whether the kitchen interior is small or big. Würfel has made their modular kitchens become an inseparable part of every home with their unique and flawless designs. Modular kitchen design not only adds to the aesthetics of a home but also makes the functionality of the kitchen smooth and hassle free. Modular kitchens make the cooking and preparation easy and with the cabinets you have a right place for every utensil and for every appliance.

The Turing kitchen is a linear kitchen. The use of a linear kitchen is extremely functional because everything is within reach. This kitchen design allows the chef to create a real cooking show in a chic environment. When there is a limited amount of space, a linear kitchen is your best choice. The compact layout groups all the tools into a single body, making it very easy to reach them in a few steps. It allows you to work, move around in one area without creating traffic. Even small kitchens, can have the best appliances and services, from the refrigerator to the sink to various cooking devices. The linear layout also has advantages from the point of view of its external appearance. The simple layout means that the attention of the observers or guests is concentrated more on the quality of the design and finishes.

The linear shape of the kitchens harmonizes with the clean lines characterized by the gola handles on the profiles that define the doors. The range of colors available is extensive and includes both smooth and embossed finishes which makes a great impact. The modular kitchen in the image has a polylacquer finish. The blend of the white and the black give it a crisp and clean look. The gola profile adds to the class of the kitchen. Let’s bring our attention to the wall unit. The four shutters offer plenty of storage space. There are also open shelves attached to the wall unit which has a laminate finish that is well incorporated with the polylacquer finish. The difference with a polylacquer finish is that you can choose both a glossy or matte finish. In the modular kitchen in the picture, we see the use of both glossy and matte finish on the white shutters and black shutters respectively. Polylacquer is very easy to maintain and keep clean.

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