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Modular kitchens not only elevates your home interiors but have also made life easy for all of us.
If you have a job which compels you to move from one location to the other and you yet want to rip the benefits of a good kitchen then a modular kitchen should be your ultimate choice. A modular kitchen is easy to install, dismantle, transport it to a new location and assemble it again. Everything about a modular kitchen is built in modules and thus the name modular kitchen.

Building a sturdy and robust modular kitchen requires a lot of RnD. Every component, right from the materials that are used to make the board for the carcass, to the kitchen hardware like handles, hinges, drawer channels, to the finishes that are on offer, there is a lot effort and manpower that goes behind building the perfect modular kitchen. At the end, you get a product which is beautiful and built to last. A modular kitchen provides a lot of storage options. With large drawers, cabinets and tall units you can store all your kitchen appliances, utensils, consumables and more. The best part about a modular kitchen is that it can be customized however you wish to basis your need and availability of space. If space is not an issue, you can go for the Stellar modular kitchen. Being an island modular kitchen, it gives you added storage options. You can actually put the island in your modular kitchen to use in a lot of different ways. It gives you a complete different zone to work upon. Working in a modular kitchen is convenient as compared to a traditional kitchen because everything is organized and in your reach. If you see the above image of the Stellar island modular kitchen, you would notice that it follows the kitchen work triangle. Research has shown that the hob, sink and refrigerator, if placed in a triangle within a modular kitchen gives you maximum mobility to move around and work in the kitchen.

The other benefit of having a island modular kitchen is that you can use the island as breakfast counter too. The Stellar kitchen comes with an extended breakfast counter for your quick snacks. This also allows you to have great conversations with your family members and bond with them while you cook. You can setup a couple of bar stools to give the island modular kitchen a stylish and chic look. Hang a couple of pendant lights and you have got yourself the perfect kitchen you have always dreamt of.

The Stellar island modular kitchen comes in a laminate finish. This allows you to choose form a wide array of colour options. Pick a colour that would best suit your home interiors. A laminate modular kitchen is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a moist microfiber cloth. The Stellar island modular kitchen is a beautiful piece of art, crafted to withstand Indian cooking conditions and robust to last a life time.

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