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Though the word sombre may immediately get you thinking about a dark, dull and serious environment or space, this kitchen is nothing short of a breathtakingly beautiful treat to the eyes. Not too sure about how a modular kitchen would look with touches of stone finish? Fear not, this kitchen interior design is sure to change your mind!
Stone can have a very elegant and classy influence with a plain or a duller solid colour backdrop. You can wipe the thought of it being boring off your mind because this delightful mix of stone and glass gives you an utmost satisfaction of owning a vogue kitchen!

The effect the spot lights have on the entire kitchen interior is remarkable. The benefit of lighting your kitchen with spotlights is that they are unobtrusive. Spot lights give a modern fresh look to the modular kitchen. Cooks know how important it is to have good lighting in the kitchen, especially near the stove. This will help them check the condition of what they are cooking. Under poor lighting, it might be difficult to check the food if it has been undercooked or alternatively burned. Spotlights can be placed close to the stove. It can also serve as accent lights and can be placed above the countertop or the island counter. If you have a bar close to your dining room or kitchen, these spotlights will also come handy. Using spotlights helps highlight or showcase your mini bar and your wine glasses in shelves. It works brilliantly, especially when you are entertaining!

The gorgeous grey stone finish against the white lacquered glass creates this unique Sombre Stone kitchen interior. The modular kitchen displayed is an L-shaped island kitchen. They usually have two open ends which allows for different entries and exits. This means traffic can flow freely through the space. A free-flowing modular kitchen can be really beneficial when entertaining because less traffic jams means more room and less stress when preparing food! In addition to this we have an island, which gives a contemporary style and modern touch to the kitchen. This modular kitchen features elevated stools along the non-cooking-preparation side of the island as a supplemental dining area which is great when you have friends over.

The tall tower units are made of lacquered glass which blends well with the stone on the shutters. The finish is a very important constituent to the chic appearance of the kitchen. The tower units provide handy storage and an elegant style, making them a very vital part of the kitchen design. The open shelves you see have a grain laminate finish which accentuates the stone finish of the kitchen interior. These shelves have spot lights that help emphasize the objects you choose to put in them, it can be anything from a frame to an artifact!

This modular kitchen also has built in appliances. Built in appliances offer plenty of perks. The built-in oven and microwave are at a convenient height for you, within your tower units. The main benefit of integrated appliances is their space saving properties. As they only take up room that would have been used by cupboards, they are particularly effective in smaller kitchen interiors where both floor and surface area is limited. Aesthetically, integrated appliances have sleek and sophisticated appeal, helping to create a clean and fuss-free finish across your entire layout. The kitchen is also equipped with a built-in glass induction hob which includes electronic touch controls giving a polished touch to the kitchen.

Now that you are briefed on the Sombre Stone modular kitchen, it is bound to have instilled some curiosity to witness it in all its glory in real life! So, come on over and check out this one of a kind kitchen design at the Würfel Küche store!

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