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When talking about the word Sahara, the image that immediately pops into anyone’s mind would be the great desert.
Dry, devoid and heat are the immediate words that you would associate with it. But the Sahara in a Würfel Küche showroom will change your perception of this! This kitchen design is a beautiful landscape of browns which is the only word that resonates the Sahara!

This modular kitchen design is an island kitchen that comes with a breakfast counter making it a great place to have social interactions. It’s a place where the kid can do their homework and you can keep an eye on them or your friends can have a cup of tea and chit chat while you prepare a snack! The island has a partition from the breakfast counter which also acts as a storage unit for your little containers of spices or tea and coffee or a space you can fill with plants to give it a greener feel, sort of an oasis in a desert!

One of the key features of this kitchen is the HF mechanism or the bi-fold lift. This attribute gives a very contemporary feel to the whole kitchen interior. The shutters fold upwards allowing easy access and storage. The shutters and the counter top are a pearl white shade with a lacquer finish giving a sleek and polished look complimenting the brown shades of the synchronized laminate on the breakfast counter and the tall units. As you can notice the dado is also of the same colour which evens out the colour of the synchronized laminate. The tall units provide extra storage space and compliments the white of the shutters. So, if any of you who think you have way too many containers or hoard on those take-out containers, there’s plenty of space in this modular kitchen design to store them!

The countertop comes with an inbuilt electric hob accentuating the modern look of the modular kitchen but the real bonus would be the chimney that comes with it. It provides a very trendy and elegant element to the kitchen design. Inbuilt appliances have become the latest trend in today’s modular kitchen designs. It creates a sleek and minimalist design blending functionality and contemporary vibe. Built in kitchen appliances are versatile, suitable for large and small kitchen interiors, and modern kitchen design in any style. Built-in ovens and microwaves can be positioned higher in the wall, making it easier to access and check on your food. A built-in kitchen’s seamless design minimizes nooks and crannies where dirt and dust can build up, making for an easier to clean and more hygienic cooking environment.

To accentuate the synchronized laminate of the breakfast counter, it is very good idea to keep stools or seating arrangements that adds a pop of color to the kitchen. As seen in this kitchen the cherry pop of the breakfast counter chairs, adds a splash of colour to the kitchen. It does not have to necessarily be red, you can have any colour that you feel would add more life to the kitchen like shades of blues or even black for that matter!

So, if you are impressed by our explanation of why this modular kitchen is a grab, come on down to our showroom and feel the real thing and we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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