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Do you want to make your modular kitchen the centerpiece of your home?
Then the Rose Gold modular kitchen is exactly what you’re looking for! No home is complete without a beautiful and luxurious kitchen. A kitchen design in a home can make a huge difference to the appearance of your home décor. The Rose Gold modular kitchen is a display of tasteful and refined design work. This kitchen design has rich highlights and features that can transform your home into one that oozes elegance. This modular kitchen is extremely alluring and at the same time extremely functional.

The Rose Gold modular kitchen comes in a linear kitchen layout. This linear modular kitchen design shows a combination of design aesthetics and has a classic minimalist approach. Most homeowners opt for a linear kitchen only because of the sheer convenience of working in one. The Rose Gold modular kitchen is a seamless space centered around functionality and is abundant in style. This kitchen design works perfectly in smaller spaces as it creates an illusion of a much larger room with its tall storage units and horizontal lines. Storage space plays a key role in linear modular kitchens, everything should have a place dedicated to it so that the surface of the countertop is as clear as it can be. The laminate floating wall cabinets come in a shade of grey that pairs well with the open shelves. These open shelves are equipped with spot lights that highlight the artifacts or anything you decide to showcase in them.

The kitchen hob and sink are strategically placed on the countertop so that there is a seamless workflow and the ease of access. The Rose Gold modular kitchen design comes with a set of laminate base cabinets with gola profile handles which accentuate the seamless finish of a linear kitchen layout. This kitchen design also include wall cabinets that have a modern and chic, champagne coloured mirror finish. This further opens up the kitchen space by creating an illusion of space. The mirror finish of the wall cabinets adds a unique visual appeal to your kitchen, making it elegant as well as functional.

The colour scheme plays an important role to the design element in a linear kitchen. Linear kitchens are typically light and have neutral shades, which is why the Rose Gold kitchen is the perfect amalgamation of neutral colours. Greys, browns and creams are classic tones that work well in this kitchen design.

Lighting also plays a key role for this kitchen layout. It’s important that there is ample light in the kitchen to keep surfaces looking airy, bright and inviting. The spotlights in the Rose Gold modular kitchen design draws attention to the specific areas that it was intended to. The mirror finish on the wall cabinets refract light around your kitchen area.

The combination of the floating cabinets, base cabinets and wall cabinets provide ample storage space without taking up precious floor space and gives a sophisticated look to the kitchen design. In addition to all these design details, the Rose Gold modular kitchen has a mellow shade of tiles on its backsplash that accentuates the overall design of the kitchen even more.

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