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Modular kitchens provide a great level of customization to homeowners.
The shutters used in the kitchen and the materials used for the countertop are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Therefore, it depends upon your taste and creative mind to give your kitchen a customized attractive look. Modular kitchens are long-lasting and durable in nature. Moreover, cleaning and maintenance of modular kitchens is simple and easy as compared to traditional kitchens. The cabinets included in a modular kitchen offer extra space to the kitchen. It also allows homeowners to install specific appliances on the surface of the shelves. Modular kitchens have lower and upper cabinets, designed to enhance comfort and convenience. The large and heavy items can be stored in the lower cabinets whilst the items, which you need frequently, can be stored in the upper ones.

The Osden kitchen portrayed in this image is an island kitchen. Islands have become a focal point of most modular kitchen interior designs. Islands not only serve as a functional element, but also as a chance to add style with unique pendant lights, bold color choices, or sleek countertop finishes. For rooms that are slightly more spacious, you can opt for a kitchen island with seating to make it a multipurpose space and add another spot to dine. In open-concept spaces where the kitchen overlooks a living room or dining room, a kitchen island can serve as a subtle space separator that marks where one area of the room ends and another begins. A kitchen is all about the extras, and integrating an island personifies the extra!

The Osden island kitchen interior has a wood finish on the panels and the counter top which blends perfectly with the teal coloured lacquer finish shutters. Lacquer comes in different sheens just like paint, and can have a sheer tint like a stain or solid colour like paint, so it can be used in any scenario where you’re painting cabinets. Furthermore, the handles used on the shutters are integrated giving them a sleek and elegant finish.

The wall units in the kitchen interior also have a lacquer finish with a flap up mechanism to open them. This gives you ample storage space for all the vessels that you don’t use on a regular basis.

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