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Kitchen is much more than a place where you cook these days.
Large or small, traditional or modern, kitchens are fuel for bodies, minds and souls for its residents. The kitchen in modern times have evolved into a space which connects the different aspects of one’s home and can be customized according to one’s needs and style. In India, modular kitchens are being demanded more than our traditional carpenter made kitchens. Kitchen interior designs have been revolutionized in terms of functionality and aesthetics, not just in India, but all over the world, completely changing the concept of kitchens. Kitchens today give the home owner freedom to synchronize the kitchen interior design along with the rest of the house. It is a boon for both traditional as well as modern day lifestyles. Modular kitchens are a modern style of designing a kitchen and its furniture layout using modules of cabinets, shelves, racks, drawers with various material to hold accessories, cook-ware, crockery and all that can ease out the process of cooking.

The Namib island kitchen has many uses. A kitchen interior with a free-standing island is everyone’s dream: it conveys the idea of a professional kitchen and provides extensive and advanced solutions. The first advantage is of course its aesthetics, making the kitchen interior elegant and professional. The center island can be equipped with a hob and/or sink, or be used for food preparation only. In both cases, the space underneath can be easily optimized with drawers and baskets. The Namib kitchen in the image shows how they have incorporated a sink on the island. Not only does the island provides extra space for concealing inbuilt machines like dishwashers and washing machines, but also can be used as a dining area by adding a few extra seats. An island kitchen is perfect for kids! Not only because it gives mums an open view over the living area to always keep an eye out, but also because it naturally promotes spending time together, perhaps even to do chores and homework.

The Namib modular kitchen comes in a laminate and synchronized laminate finish which is the most basic finish we offer, however, in no way does it lack in style or class. They make a great choice for contemporary kitchens with sleek looks, modern accents and dramatic contrasting finishes. They also offer other benefits to homeowners, such as being less likely to fade, improved resistance to scratches, more durability, and cleaning up with ease. Synchronized laminate gives the real feeling of natural wood. The maintenance cost of synchronized laminates is much low as compared to natural veneer.

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