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Any clue what this series of kitchen could be? If you haven’t guessed it yet, let us help you with it! What is your story? Would you like to see it depicted on a canvas?
‘My Story’ modular kitchen series is a new-found form of human self-expression. For the first time in history, the modular kitchen takes the role of a canvas! Made by hand, these one-of-a-kind kitchens take customization to another level. The “My Story” series comprises kitchens which are hand-sculpted to represent the life of the homeowner through personal artistic inspirations and are crafted in your style, based on your life, inspired by your story! This is the only kitchen of its kind across the globe! What better to envision yourself in your home?

The My Story modular kitchen designs use stone which are hand-sculpted as basis your story. This kitchen comes in an island design, showcasing your design on stone on the island as well as on the wall unit behind it. An island is a freestanding piece of cabinetry that is placed in a kitchen to supplement the countertop space. It gives a contemporary style and modern touch to the kitchen. The counter can be used for having breakfast, lunch or dinner, and can become an ideal space to engage kids in fun and interactive cooking activities. This plan is great for open modern kitchen designs and offers ample space to entertain guests as well. It is common to feature elevated stools along the side of the island as a supplemental dining area. This gives it a modern touch to the traditional feel of the sculpted stones.

The island serves as the countertop with a built-in hob accentuating the seamless look of the modular kitchen. The wall unit serves as a pantry which also uses the stone finish. There is plenty of storage space, so there is no need to fret about space issues. Built-in appliances give a sleek and sophisticated look to your kitchen. You’ll always have extra counter space that looks clean and neat. In-built appliances are considered a must for modular kitchens these days as they make life more comfortable and easy in today’s world. They are hassle free and easy to maintain! If you notice the counter-top in this modular kitchen design, it has an inbuilt glass hob. This accentuates the grand look of the modular kitchen.

The kitchen is decorated with open shelves made from teakwood which compliments the stone finish in a way that you can only dream of! They are accessorized with spot lights that illuminates the decorative items you choose to place in them. These can be colourful items to break the monotony of the solid colours of the stone and teak wood.

This is the only modular kitchen of its type in the world, so to own a “My Story” is to be a part of an elite group. So come on over to the Würfel showroom to lay your eyes on this unique beauty!

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