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Designing a kitchen is no easy task as many of us are well aware.
Particularly when you have to make sure that you get enough space for storage, cooking as well as the electronic appliances which are indispensable in today’s time. In this layout, all the storage, cooking, and washing areas are designed along a single wall. A simple and basic modular kitchen design that requires just one linear wall. Here all the three elements of a modern kitchen- refrigerator, sink, stove-are aligned on one wall. The ideal solution for long and narrow rooms, but also for wide places is a linear kitchen.

The Marine kitchen has storage cabinets that are easily reachable and looks organized. The placement of cabinets and shelves happens along one linear line. This is the most compact and simplest of all kitchen interior layouts and hence works well for small-sized kitchens and also for studio apartments with open floor plans where one part of the room has a living area and the other is designated for cooking. Choosing a long wall can make the kitchen interior look more chic and also allow scope for easy alterations and extensions. This layout is becoming very popular due to the lack of space in today’s homes.

A linear kitchen too can become a work of art as seen in this image. The precious finish of this linear kitchen is distinguished with a classic lacquer finish, the colour of the shutters give brightness, timeless elegance and originality to the kitchen. Lacquer is hard and durable, and has traditionally been used as a topcoat. The high sheen that you can achieve with lacquer kitchen cabinets makes them visually appealing.

As you can see in this image, there is no shortage of storage space. There is a tall pantry unit on the far left which ideal to store your pulses. Alongside the counter space, there are pull out drawers as well as hinged shutters for optimal storage of your vessels and other cutlery. We can also see the wall unit which uses the flap up mechanism which adds to your storage space. Another element in this kitchen is the chimney placed on top of the hob. So, if you do not have any ventilation in the room, there is no need to despair. The kitchen chimney is placed in a way that it protects your kitchen tiles from the fumes that come up while cooking food as well as making it easier to breathe, because we all know how the Indian spices can get us all overwhelmed

Adding a backsplash in a linear kitchen protect the wall above your stove or sink from stains and spots that can be difficult to completely eliminate, such as grease stains or water spots. This helps keep your walls looking clean and in good condition at all times.

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