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Modular kitchens these days have become more of a necessity as compared to your traditional kitchens.
The Glint modular kitchen is linear in style. Linear kitchens are compact and helps you keep everything organized, in reach and if you have space constraints in your home, the Glint modular kitchen should be your best choice.

Modular kitchens have become the center of the house and it needs to harmonize its functions. For this reason, it has been at the head of the modular revolution and is rapidly becoming a space for innovation. This Lark kitchen with its high quality grey poly lacquer finish is characterized by the attractiveness of the materials used and the design of applied distribution, integrated with an island giving a sense of flow with the space that surrounds it. It constitutes an ideal place to share and enjoy comfortably in the family.

The Indian kitchen has a never-ending list of spices, oil, ghee, etc. so one has to keep a smooth flow of work. As seen in this modular kitchen, there are pull out drawers alongside the working countertop. Having such necessities right in front of your eyes makes work much faster and hassle free. Not only does it make working faster but it also makes it easy for a person to work with pull outs drawers than having a complete set of cupboards. The pull-out drawers are very convenient to keep in and take out required bottles, jars, containers, spatulas etc.

The kitchen interior is a space that needs to be well illuminated so that the modular space is well lit and enhances the beauty of the modular kitchen. One of the best assets that a kitchen island offers is extra storage space. If there’s one place in the kitchen where people tend to gather most, it’s probably the island. A kitchen island is not only a great functional asset to the room’s design, it’s the centerpiece to the warmth and joy your kitchen creates. It is now one of the most sought after additions to the kitchen in the year 2020. The kitchen island as seen in the image have pullout shelves and drawers installed, as well as hinged doors. You can incorporate storage space for recycling and trash bins and you can even include a cubby area perfect for wine bottles. More and more modular kitchen designs are opting to combine the dining area with the kitchen. After all, the kitchen is often the heart of the home. So why wouldn’t you want to gather there for a big meal with the family too?

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